Some key things to think about when constructing your SHTF firearm repair kit and choosing your weapons.

Properly maintained gun
Properly maintained gun

When people talk about TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) and SHTF, its commonplace to consider what firearms you need.  The debate is eternal regarding which three guns you should own in a true worst case scenario; however one thing is true regardless of which guns you choose to stash… parts eventually break.

On this Monday’s edition of “The Gun Show” we’ll be chatting with gunsmith, Tommy Paterna, regarding some key things to think about when constructing your SHTF firearm repair kit.

SpringFeild XD full of sand
SpringFeild XD full of sand

What common, every day, household item will lubricate your gun without gumming it up? Items that are in your house now that will help you clean your gun without having to buy expensive gun cleaning kits. How to keep sand and dirt from gumming up your weapon. If you could only have one spare part to keep your gun running, what would it be? The best preventative measure to keep your guns running and much, much more.

I’ve purchased many firearms since 2008, and have done so very strategically with a clear vision in mind.  What happens when one of my guns goes down?  Don’t miss one of the tips we’ll be covering that will help you keep all of your guns running smoothly and avoid having your gun be decommissioned just when the time is needed for it to rise to the occasion.

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