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Firearms Ownership for Beginners on The Gunmetal Armory

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Broadcasting network. We have to hit the reset button, create a true culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age and filtering all the way up.

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Welcome to the gunmetal armory. Here’s your host from gun little armory tonight’s show. It’s going to be a good one. Last week. I was, I was busy working on our new house. We have a lot of work to do on it before we can move in. So we’re doing all that work as best we can and getting everything done so we can get moved in there anyways, a week before that I was actually able to complete or do a complete show on combat shotguns, shotshells shotgun, you know, types and things like that, all that good stuff.

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So tonight we are going to switch gears a little bit and we’re going to talk about beginners, beef, firearms, you know, beginners, you know, people who have never owned a gun before. Okay. So we’re going to do kind of a beginner’s guide to firearm ownership, if you will. Okay. We’re also going to do some announcements, some updates, things like that.

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So it’s going to be good. You guys are gonna, you guys are gonna love, love the show. OK. I think that this is a, this is an important show because firearms safety is more important than anything else when it comes to, you know, firearms, but obviously it’s more important than anything else. Safety is the number one rule. Okay.

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Why you might ask because if you were safe with your guns, everything else having to do with them is easier. Okay. But first let’s talk about the night’s announcements. All right. Speaking of guns, if you want to know how to convert your AK 47 into a survival rifle, I have released the first book in my building, the prepper armory series it’s volume one, it’s called the AK 47 survival builder’s guide. And it covers history, survival rifle, prerequisites, multiple upgrades, and how to do those upgrades, where to buy the parts, to convert your AK into a survival rifle and a whole lot more.

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Okay. It is a comprehensive guide on converting in AK 47 or AK 74 into a survival platform. Okay. This is the first book of its kind ever written, and it is available on multiple sites. Okay. It’s available on prepper broadcasting network. It’s available on Archangel and it’s available on Amazon. It’s only $10.

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It’s worth every penny worth every penny. Okay. If you can’t find it, if you have trouble finding it, feel free to email and I’ll I’ll show you right where to go. No big deal. If you can, and you’re on YouTube, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. The gunmetal armory. I’d appreciate it. And of course, as far as the building, the proper armory series of books goes, I have seven more books planned so far, but there will likely be a lot more.

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The next book is already in process of being written and it should be out in the next couple months. Okay. All right, guys, let’s move forward here. So tonight’s announcements. This is, this is going to get into some stuff. Okay. I want to preface this by basically. Let me see if I can word this correctly. I want you all to think about what I’ve told you in the past.

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Okay. I am not a fearmonger. Okay. I am not one of those chicken, little tight people. Oh, the sky is falling. You know, I’m not one of those kinds of guys. I don’t want people to live in fear. Okay. I do not like, and I do not have any respect for people who use fear to make money or use fear to make themselves a success. There are some prepper groups out there and, you know, groups that do blogging and things like that, that use fear, you know, to gain more listeners and gain more attention and so on and so forth.

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I will not do that. I don’t believe in doing that. Okay. That being said, the gun sales numbers are hard to ignore. You all know, I’ve been telling you for the past few months that we’ve been seeing a lot of gun sales happening. Well, the rough numbers for background checks, because the reason why we use background checks as a metric to see how many guns have been sold is because you have to do a background check to get a gun.

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You know, whenever you hear these idiots in Congress saying, Oh, we need universal background checks. We need background checks. We already have them. It is called a NICs check, national instant criminal background. Okay. National instant criminal background system, not as a NICs check and we do it on every single gun sale. Okay. The only ones that are not required to do that background check are people who have a concealed weapons permit, which is an extensive.

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When you get a concealed weapons permit, there is an extensive background check done on you. And that is why you don’t need that other background check. So either way, a background check is being done over and over and over again. Okay. Anyways, that being said, the rough numbers for background checks for March 20, 20 and April, 2020 are now available. Okay. Behind the shadow of this continuing health crisis and the impact that the coronavirus has had in the past two months, firearm sales have not just increased guys.

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They have surged, they have, they have exploded. Okay. The sales have been so high on some days that the NICs system literally crashed a massive government computer system crashed that tells you something that tells you that basically that the, there were so many background checks going through that they couldn’t handle all of them.

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If that makes any sense. Anyways, let’s see the, the sales in the background checks, I’ve been so high on some days that the NIC system crashed multiple times. Why? Because of the sheer number of background checks in March, all background check records were obliterated by massive, by a massive margin.

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They always keep track, you know, year by year, you know, 20, 19, 2018. And they keep a record of, you know, how many background checks were done. Okay. All of those records have been obliterated. You know, they’re have their, this, these past two months, they have set new records on how many background checks have been done. Okay. Breitbart news reported in what was it?

1 (9m 16s):
I believe it was April. Oh, nevermind. Yeah. Okay. So Breitbart news reported 3,740,688 NICs checks almost 4 million Nick’s checks in March of 2019. Roughly 1.4 million guns were sold or 1.4 million background checks were done.

1 (9m 50s):
All right. The numbers reported by Breitbart for March, 2020, the 3,740,688. And we’re almost three times that number. Okay. March of 2019, 1.4 million, March 20, 23,740,688. That’s a slightly jump. Y’all some, you know, there have been some different websites and stuff like that with slightly different numbers, but all have reached the same conclusion.

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Okay. All of these sites, all of these groups have reached the same conclusion in April. The numbers followed suit yet again last month in April. Okay. They shattered the old records. Again, the FBI numbers show very plainly that in April, 2020, the nix numbers were higher than any April in recorded history.

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Since the Knicks or national instinct criminal background checks system was put in place in 1998, how many next checks thing, how many were done? The final Nick’s number for April, 2020 was 2,911,128 background checks almost 3 million, almost 3 million background checks, 2,911,000.

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There is more about Nick’s checks that you may not know as well. Okay. There is more about this, the customer, okay. When you’re doing a NICs check, it’s not just for one gun. Usually the customer is only buying one, but on the 44 73 on the actual paperwork that you fill out to buy the gun, you can put multiple guns on that background.

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Check on that paperwork. You can put multiple guns on there. So a customer can purchase multiple firearms on just one Nick’s check form. So that 2,911,000 nix checks doesn’t translate to that many guns. No, no, no, no, no. That could end up being three times that it could be 9 million guns. If every single one of those background checks was for three guns.

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You see what I’m saying? That 2,911,000. That is just the background check numbers. I can go on and add multiple guns to a 44 73 form with one background check the basic 44 73 paperwork. The actual paperwork, not the, not the online version, but the, the, the paper form has four open spots for firearms on it.

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It has four spots. Okay. So just one form. One background check could have up to four guns on it that tells you something, okay. These background check numbers don’t translate to that many guns. You know, they could have a pistol, a rifle, a rimfire rifle, and a shotgun on one 44, 73 on one background check. Okay. That aside the FBI numbers have been checked, cross checked and rechecked by countless sources.

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And they all have the same conclusion. Now, moving on from that, I’m not really moving on, but guns and ammo are selling in record destroying numbers guys, record destroying numbers, record setting numbers. Okay. The Corona virus and its effect on society has seen the release of specific inmates, a reduction in police patrols and officers, which obviously resulted in the reduced capacity of law enforcement, the reduced capabilities of law enforcement.

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And in some cases, zero enforcement, zero enforcement of certain laws. Okay. All of these factors. And of course, many others, it came together to push Americans into gun stores all over the USA. It’s mainly many, many to the plethora of online ammunition dealers faster than any recorded event currently. No.

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Okay. This is huge guys. This is huge. Okay. Something that people aren’t picking up on, but something, this is huge guys. I don’t know what is going on, but something big is going on. The large number of gun stores being closed because of the coronavirus has only made the problem worse by all accounts, what should be multiple outlets for guns, ammo, and survival supplies has been reduced by a wide margin.

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You have to keep in mind that many of these stores have been closed by order or, you know, by necessity, by their owners or by the government. So that is creating a problem where people want to gain access to firearms, and they want to gain access to ammunition and survival gear, but they can’t. So they have to go where they can find it.

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And they ended up going to other places that they wouldn’t normally go to, you know, bigger stores instead of the mom and pop gun store, let’s see online ammunition suppliers instead of buying it locally at the mom and pop shop, so on and so forth. Okay. Again, to be clear, I am not a frigging fearmonger. I hate fear mongers. I hate that kind of crap. Okay. I don’t believe in scaring people into thinking or acting a certain way or scaring people into acting like me or thinking like me.

1 (16m 56s):
Okay. Now that being said, these numbers, these numbers, these 2,911,000 guns sold in one or two background checks done in one month, 3 million, 700,000 background checks done in one month. That’s a lot guys. That is a lot, a lot. That’s even more than that’s even more than when people were, you know, afraid the night before elections.

1 (17m 30s):
You know, sometimes the night before elections happen, you know, or a couple of days leading up to the elections, people will go out and buy guns because they’re afraid of losing their rights or something like that. But these numbers, this is different guys. Something is something’s different here. Okay? I’m not a fearmonger. I don’t believe in that crap. But that being said, these numbers, they’re saying something, they’re saying something very loud and very clear without saying a word.

1 (18m 7s):
I don’t know if you understand what I’m getting at, but something is very, very wrong. Something is going on. Americans are waking up and rapidly getting prepared for something. I’m not sure what everyone is seeing. I’m not sure how people are perceiving what’s around them or what gun seals or why gun sales have darn near tripled in the last few months tripled.

1 (18m 41s):
But any way you slice it, no one can deny these numbers. Nobody. Okay. Let’s move on the product. Pick this week is the other shotgun. Now I told you guys last two weeks ago, I told you about the JTS group, M 12, AKA shotgun, amazing shotgun.

1 (19m 11s):
I love that thing. Reviewed it last a week before last, okay. This week I’m going to review the AR version, the shotgun. But as I mentioned, two weeks ago, there are two of them, like I just said, okay. The AR and the AK version, both are designed after their respective platform, namesakes the AK in the AR tonight, we’re going to review the our platform. Okay.

1 (19m 43s):
Excuse me. Now, both shotguns, as I said, resembled their namesakes. The AR version is based on the AR 15 platform. And thus has a lot more options for upgrades. It has M lock rails in the front. It has QD, sling, swivel options for mounting, a sling and plenty of room, plenty of room to matter.

1 (20m 13s):
Red dot. It’s got that real all along the top there. So you got plenty of room to amount of red dot, you know, and of course you’ll need to find a red dot that can take the recoil impulse of the 12 Gates and a semiautomatic full of kids have that. But you can’t, you can not have red dot on there. No problem. Now, many of them can, but I would suggest you check on it and be sure whichever we’ll handle the recoil. Many of them can, but you need to be sure that the red dye you buy can handle a, of a semi automatic 12 gauge.

1 (20m 50s):
Now a pump 12 gauge would be one thing because you know, you have to shoot it and then pump it and then shoot again, seeming automatic as you well know, fires a shot. Every time you pull the trigger. So the rapid impulse and the rapid recall impulse hits from the semiautomatic 12 gauge need to see if that, if that red dot can handle that sort of thing. Okay. Now I really like the fact that this thing uses magwell well, I like that it has a magwell, but I liked the fact that the mags slide right into this thing, they slide right in just like an AR 15.

1 (21m 33s):
Okay. The mags, the mag slide in, into their, into the magwell the same as the basic AR design. Okay. This platform of course runs 12 gauge the manual arms though. The manual arms on these is the same as any M four platform, same controls in the same areas, giving the shooter the ability to actually pick this gun up and run it just like they would an M four, hence the whole manual of arms, right?

1 (22m 4s):
If you’re used to running an AR or an M four, you can, excuse me, you can pick up this gun and run it just the same. It’s got the dust cover. It’s got the Ford assist. It’s got the charging handle. It’s got the, sorry, the safety, all that stuff. It’s all in the same place. Mag release everything. It’s all right there. Now, granted, you know, some of the spacing is a little bit different and the sizing is a little bit different because it has to be for a 12 gauge cartridge.

1 (22m 35s):
Okay. Or a 12 gauge shell. Rather, anyways, all the major controls are in the same place, right? Mag release, bolt release, a safety selector. So on and so forth. This is great news for preppers. Cause I would say that roughly 90% of preppers have at least one AR 15 in their battery. Most preppers have one because it’s America’s favorite gun is America’s most popular gun.

1 (23m 5s):
Okay. So this shotgun having the same controls as an M system gives you a big advantage. In my opinion, this is also really good news for police departments that want to add some additional fire power to their officers or to their armories. This gives them the option to have their officers run a shotgun with the same controls and the same type of training as they would have for the 15.

1 (23m 43s):
If this officer’s already been trained on the air 15, then chances are, he will be able to run the without any issues at all. Okay. It is a great thing for that. It is absolutely perfect for that. This shotgun works off the same controls as the 15, almost all police departments use the and air fifteens. Now most of them have them and most of them even have the M four or the air 15 in their patrol vehicles now.

1 (24m 18s):
So it’s a very, very common platform. And that makes the, the JTS M 12 AR a prime, a prime choice for police department.

2 (24m 31s):

1 (24m 33s):
Let me premise this to you. So if one of the SWAT or ESU or key, or you officers were deployed or were to deploy with a G S M 12 AR shotgun with one five round magazine full of breaching grounds in one five round mag full of rubber bullets, one full of pepper shot, maybe a few 10 round mags loaded with double a buck or even triple up buck. I think that officer would be ready for pretty much any situation that the scatter gun may be needed for.

2 (25m 9s):

1 (25m 11s):
With, with the, with the ever evolving nature of the AR 15

2 (25m 17s):
One could eat,

1 (25m 18s):
Carry the AR and a smaller, a smaller 10 inch barrel air, 15 pistol, you could totally sling and air 15 pistol over your shoulder and carry that little guy as a, you know, quote unquote rifle platform. Now, granted we know it would be an AR pistol, but it’s still shooting those rifle arounds, you know, and again, granted you are losing six inches or more of barrel if it’s a 10 inch barrel, but you still have the capability to take a rifle round into the entry situation.

1 (25m 60s):
And it only adds maybe five or six pounds to your overall load-out for that gun. Okay. I need to rehydrate one second.

2 (26m 13s):

1 (26m 15s):
That’s what I really like about this platform. Is it graded? It does, it does have some weight to it, but that’s not a big deal because you can, you can carry a smaller AR or a smaller know AK or whatever system you want to carry.

2 (26m 33s):

1 (26m 34s):
If you had the AR you still have the same manual of arms, so that soldier or that SWAT officer, or whoever can switch between the two firearms and not have change anything in his mind, which for me is a big advantage even for a prepper. Okay. Going back to the officer with the air 15 pistol and the JTS M 12 AR that particular officer could, could be ready to procure and provide entry.

1 (27m 5s):
Okay. And then they can make entry at, or they can make entry at a moment’s notice. Basically, if that makes sense, I’m the same way as any officer does any door ticker does they, they sometimes will carry a small breaching shotgun with them. What I’m proposing would switch the script. Okay. You would carry a small entry size air, 15 and a full size M 12 or M M 12 air shotgun.

1 (27m 38s):
So that would be your full size arm, but you could use that as I said before, for breaching or for self defense or for a variety of other types of things. Okay. Switching back and forth, easy peasy, you know, it would, it would be simple, basically switching back and forth and be as simple as slinging one gun back and grabbing the other. Okay. That’s just how I see it. Maybe, maybe I’ll do a YouTube video on this and, and just, you know, check out just how fast I could transition between the two.

1 (28m 13s):
I think it’d be interesting to see that maybe I’ll do a YouTube video on that. And of course, you know, we’ll do it safely because that’s the only way to do anything with firearms safely. Anyways, if anyone out there has any ideas, how I can set up this experiment and see how fast I can transition between these two guns, if you have any suggestions, feel free to email me. I’d be, I’d be more than happy to read any suggestions you have.

1 (28m 42s):
Okay. Just email Okay. Now keep in mind that the GTSM 12 AR stock guns have two, five round magazines included in the box, but 10 round mags are available on the JTS website GTS group. Okay. They are available for the AR and the AK shotguns. The website says millions of Americans love the versatility, modularity and simplicity of the air.

1 (29m 15s):
15, deeming it to earn as the moniker of America’s favorite firearm. The engineers at JTS have created the M 12 or the MK 12 AR to build off of the love and the familiarity of America’s rifle, the JTS M K 12 AR or M 12, AR features the familiar controls of the air, 15 inch 12 gauge format, giving you the option to attach any features that will work with the end lock system.

1 (29m 55s):
You can also attach any features that you would normally attach to your AR rifle. The M 12 AR is able to chamber two and three quarter inch and, and three inch shells. So two and three quarter or three and shelves, great news for preppers. And it features a four position adjustable guests system that can be adjusted to accommodate for different loads. Now, the 12 AR or the, yeah, the M 12 AR is also able to accommodate Remington, choke tubes, making this intimidating firearm, a capable hunting shotgun as well.

1 (30m 38s):
So it can be used for hunting too, which again, great news for preppers features and benefits. It’s 12 gauge. It can shoot two and three quarter or three in shells. It has a pickaninny rail and other Chrome line barrel for position guesses and for adjustments based on load, it fits Remington. Choke tubes comes with two, five round mags. The barrel length is 18.7 inches. The overall length is 37.99 inches. I don’t know why they don’t just call it 38 inches, but whatever.

1 (31m 10s):
It’s got an aluminum forearm with unlock slots and two side plates, and it has removable front and rear sights. Now me, I would keep the front and rear sights on and put the the middle so I could co witness. But that would be just me. I’m I’m, you know, I’m different than most people. Each shotgun comes with the shotgun itself to five round mags, the owner’s manual with important products and safety information. Okay, let’s see here.

1 (31m 41s):
It’s got D foreign has, well, it’s got the top Mount. I pick it to any rail for the red dot and all that good stuff, but it also has the slots on the forehand. And the slots are at the three, six and nine o’clock positions. Sorry. These am 12 AR shotguns. They do cost a little bit more than the K shotguns, but they are worth the money. Now the shotguns are currently running about $500 in most stores.

1 (32m 17s):
I’m finding them at Academy, Palmetto, state armory Bud’s gun shop. And so on. I’ve seen these at smaller FFLs too. So take a look. Now the 10 round mags are also available for these and those 10 round mags are only $31. So me, I would like to have that level of fire power. That’s why I always make sure that I have the 10 round mags for these, because it’s worth it.

1 (32m 47s):
Now, if you want to get on the website and check these things out on the website, the website is That’s Juliet, tango, Sierra groups, G R O U P S dot U S. Okay. And then you just go to products and then you click on M 12 AR and you’ll see it. It’ll be right there. All right, guys, let’s take a break and we’ll come back and we’ll talk about safe gun ownership.

1 (33m 21s):
Not to be confused with owning a gun safe. Alright, don’t go away guys. We will be right back.

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Hey Jordan, here, you’re a host of a family affair touches every Saturday evening at 9:00 PM. Eastern, as we discussed prepping on every level and remember everybody, everybody,

4 (36m 51s):
And now we return to the gun metal armory.

1 (36m 56s):
Oh, okay. Everybody. We are back on the gunmetal armory. Now I’m going to give you guys a disclaimer, the same way that miles gives you guys a disclaimer. But after that, things are going to be a little bit different, okay? Because we’re going to be talking about first time gun buyers and the things that are important when you’re buying a gun, which is safety. Okay? That being said, here we go.

1 (37m 28s):
I am a gun Smith, but I am not your gunsmith. Keep in mind that everything we discuss here on my podcast is for information purposes only. This is for information purposes. Only if you choose to work on your gun, you are liable for any work you do with your own hands. If you think there is something you were unsure of, please guys, please take the firearm to a competent local gunsmith.

1 (38m 3s):
Don’t get in over your head. Don’t try to do something you don’t understand or don’t know how to do. Okay. Be sure to use common sense, be sure of what you’re going to do. And always, always remember safety comes first. Okay. Safety comes first. So let’s talk about safety for a second.

1 (38m 33s):
Any of you guys who are regular listeners to my show know that I always follow up my disclaimer with the safety rules that we stress at all of the firearms and firearms related classes that I teach. Okay. Those rules are number one. Guns are always loaded. Guns are always loaded. You could also translate that to treat every firearm as if it’s always loaded.

1 (39m 6s):
Number two, never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire or never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire or until your sights are on target and you are ready to fire. Okay? Number three, always know your target and what’s beyond, okay. Know your target.

1 (39m 37s):
And what’s beyond never for number four, not never for number four, never cover anything with your muzzle or the end of your barrel. However you want to put it. Never cover anything with your muzzle that you are not willing to destroy or that you are not willing to shoot. Okay. That is a biggie. All right. And then of course, I always like to add, I don’t consider it like a rule, like a numbered rule, but I always like to add always secure your firearms from unauthorized persons like kids, these under road gnomes, whoever you just got to keep them secure.

1 (40m 24s):
Okay. Before we get into the rules of gun safety in the deeper meanings of each one, I want to read you guys a quick excerpt from Matt about gun safety. Okay. Here it is. Rule one handle all firearms as if they were loaded. Just like my first role guns are always loaded or treat every farm as if it was loaded. Okay.

1 (40m 55s):
It says we had a lady bring in an old 12 gauge Winchester, 1300 shotgun for trade Travis and I both checked it, cycled the action. And when I looked down into the action, I didn’t see any shells in there. The action was cycled probably 20 times now, quick excerpt. When I looked down into the action, sometimes guns are dark, so I will use a flashlight, but on top of visual inspection, I always do a tactile inspection as well.

1 (41m 29s):
I stick my finger down in there to see if I feel anything. If especially if I don’t have a flashlight, I really stick my finger in there to see if I feel anything. Okay. So that is, I really wish they would have checked it, you know, visually and with tactile sensation, but that’s okay. I’m not writing the story. Any who, when I looked down into the action, I didn’t see any shells in there. The action was probably cycled. 20 times.

1 (41m 59s):
It was filthy gritty and foul. It felt like it was full of sand. And on top of that, it felt too tight. So Travis hit it with some gun oil and cycled the gun a couple more times, then Marcus cycled it. And then all of a sudden could chunk alive. Shell popped onto the shell lifter.

1 (42m 29s):
And there was a live round in the gun, a live round in a gun that they had just cleared. What happened evidently was that because the gun was so old and so filthy, the feed mechanism was bound up. It was all bound up after a shot of some spray oil and some working in it became Unbound.

1 (43m 2s):
And then it was able to feed that unseen shell. Now, this was pretty scary because there was the hidden potential for an accident. However, because everyone followed the four rules that accident didn’t happen. It could have if they had let their guard down, but because we all fought, the gun was unloaded here. We were looking forward to getting off work early, looking forward to getting to the holiday, getting a little ax.

1 (43m 37s):
But because we practiced the four rules, we avoided what could have been a unmitigated disaster, a gun shop in Colorado, not too long ago, had an employee working on a gun and he shot and killed another employee. It can happen. Firearms are like poisonous snakes. You can handle them safely, but the moment you disrespect them, they can bite you. Okay?

1 (44m 7s):
So those people, there’s a few mistakes they made. And a few things I would have done differently, but because they followed those rules, that crazy once in a lifetime situation did not get any worse. Okay. They kept their fingers off the trigger. They inspected the gun visually.

1 (44m 39s):
They should have done it tactile, but they inspected the gun. They cycled the gun, they kept their fingers off the trigger and they treated it as if it were loaded throughout the entire process. And it turns out it was loaded. So number one, rule the number one rule. The number one rule guns are always loaded. Guns are always loaded. Guys. I cannot stress that enough.

1 (45m 10s):
Guns are always loaded. Okay. That is so important. It just blows my mind. How many instructors skip over that at their classes? It seriously. It truly, truly bothers me how much they, they, they, they brush over it. Okay. So let’s talk about rule. Number one. Does anyone know why we say guns are always loaded?

1 (45m 40s):
Do you know why we talk about that? Why we choose to word it that way or why we place it at the top of the list is because of a certain specific reason. The reason why is simple, very simple, because if you routinely treat every gun as if it’s loaded every single gun, every single gun, as if it were loaded, less accidental, discharges will happen a hundred percent less accidental discharges would happen.

1 (46m 23s):
We would all be in a much more careful position about our muzzle awareness. We also wouldn’t be so quick to test the trigger pole or trigger press and its weight. People are too fast to be checking, trigger weight. In my opinion, even at the gun counter, even in a gun store, they’re handed a gun from behind the gun counter. They just assume that it’s clear, but how do you know? How do you know some customer didn’t put something in there in a malicious way?

1 (46m 55s):
You know, you just don’t know guys. So you have to be aware of it. You have to treat every gun as if it were loaded at all times. Okay? You gotta be careful where you point it. You gotta be careful about your finger, all that difference of, okay. Dry firing a gun that was just handed to someone should be a lot less common than it is a lot less common. It happens way, way, way, way, way too much in my opinion.

1 (47m 27s):
Okay. Let’s talk about rule two, rule them, but too rule number two is never put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to fire. Why is this so important? Well, first of all, if your finger is on the trigger, it’s pretty hard to press it. You feel me. In other words, if you’re not touching the trigger, you can’t really fire the gun.

1 (48m 1s):
I mean, I’m sure you could probably find a way, but generally speaking, if you’re not touching the trigger, you’re not firing the gun. You can’t, you can’t really fire it, right. Can you, I mean, seriously also, if you’re ever at a decent professional training course, this, this rule never put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to fire. This is going to become a lot more important than you ever thought it could be.

1 (48m 32s):
And if you don’t know this rule, or if you don’t follow this rule, it will be beaten into your head. It will be beat into your head like nothing ever before. Okay. Why you may be asking why do firearms instructors stress this in their classes so heavily? Oh, the good instructors. Anyway, the simple answer is the only way to keep everyone safe is to keep everyone’s fingers off the trigger until they’re ready to fire in this way, students and or new shooters, either way, they all learn certain parts of trigger, discipline, trigger, discipline.

1 (49m 20s):
Okay. Learning when to put our finger on the trigger and when to let it rest against the frame, above the trigger and above the trigger guard. Okay. Now I could go deeper into rule number two, but we do need to discuss the rest of the rules too. So I’m going to move on to rule number three, rule number three is a good one. One of my favorites rule number three is always know your target and what’s beyond always know your target and what’s beyond okay.

1 (50m 0s):
The reason for why this is important should be pretty doggone obvious. You have to be sure of your target. You have to be sure that you can shoot at that target because you may have the perfect shot, but right behind it is a dairy farm or right behind it is a can of gasoline or a truck or whatever.

1 (50m 30s):
You may have a great shot, but you have to know what’s beyond your target in case that bullet goes through and keeps going, which can happen. Okay? You have to be sure of your target. Surely you can shoot at it. Whether it be a paper, one in animal you’re legally hunting or something a little bit more dire, you must be sure of your target. Okay?

1 (51m 1s):
The second part of this rule is just as important. Okay? Be sure of what’s beyond your target. Always know your target and what’s beyond, right? This is important because if you’re hunting and you shoot at an animal and your bullet goes through the animal and strikes another Hunter or a different animal or whatever, guess who’s at fault.

1 (51m 32s):
Yeah, you, you are at fault. You own that bullet until it’s no longer flying through the air. You own that bullet. Okay? If you’re defending your home from multiple home invaders and one of your bullets misses a bad guy, goes through your door and hits the neighbor’s dog or worse. The neighbor guess who’s at fault. That time you chances are you’ll suffer the consequences for that stray bullet.

1 (52m 9s):
So you must, you must know your target and what’s beyond, okay. I know it’s not easy. I know it’s a pain in the boot. I get it. I totally get it. It is a pain in the boot, but there are a few things you can do to mitigate the risks of a bullet, traveling through something and into something else. Okay. Hala point ammo is one of the best ways to mitigate this.

1 (52m 39s):
Okay. It was created to expand on impact, expand on impact, and it creates a larger wound cavity causing more damage. Okay. Sorry. That is what holla point ammo is for to mitigate the problem of a bullet going through the target and on and hitting something else.

1 (53m 11s):
Okay. And of course they were also created to create, to make the wound channel and the wound bigger. Right? Right. So that moves us on to rule number. Never cover anything with your muzzle, that you are not willing to destroy, never cover anything with your muzzle, that you are not willing to destroy when it comes to muzzle awareness and things of that nature.

1 (53m 50s):
This should be obvious. Okay. This should be completely obvious when you shoot at something, when you shoot something, it will cause destruction. Okay. Things are gonna break shatter, snap, fall apart and more. Okay. Granted this rule, isn’t a be all to end all rule, but never cover anything with your muzzle, that you are not willing to destroy. Okay.

1 (54m 21s):
It doesn’t apply to everything, but it is important to keep it in your mental toolbox as a new shooter or a first time gun owner. Okay. Now those are the four rules. We did a disclaimer. We spoke about the forest central rules of gun safety. Next week, we are going to dive into the world of beginning firearms ownership. I often get asked at work, you know, what kind of gun should I get? What kind of ammo should I get?

1 (54m 53s):
Where should I start? What cleaning kit should I get? How much training do I need? And so on. And so on many beginners to the world of firearms are very scared of guns. Okay? I’ve seen a lot of this lately. People coming in to get guns that have never handled one have never shot. One had never been around one and frankly have probably marched in a few anti second amendment rallies. I’m pretty sure, but they realize that a firearm is the most effective means of self defense for the way that the world is heading.

1 (55m 33s):
So they know that that’s probably their best option. Okay. That, but they’re scared of the gun. They’ve had no training in how to handle a firearm. And they, they, they, they know how dangerous something like that can be, but they don’t have any training or experience. So naturally they’re very worried, right? But with the proper training, all these fears can be checked and squished or squash rather squish through you.

1 (56m 5s):
Basically, you squash all these fears through training and solid continuous time spent at the range. Okay? You take your training class that weekend. And then two, three times a week after that, you go to the range and you send a few rounds, downrange, you go and you shoot and you go and you shoot and you go and you shoot it’s stress inoculation. It gets, you used to firing that F that, that gun. So you understand how it’s going to feel, how it’s going to smell, how it’s going to react, how your body’s going to feel and so on.

1 (56m 40s):
Okay, well guys, that pretty much does it for this show. I have the next part of beginning firearms ownership for next week. We’ll do that. I may see if I can get miles on for that show to the beginning, firearms ownership. See if he has any tips. That might be a really cool one to do with him. I’m also going to be having miles on pretty soon here. So we can talk about antibiotics and fish antibiotics and things of that nature.

1 (57m 11s):
And I will probably be doing another show on shotgun’s pretty soon here as well. Okay? Alright guys. That’s the end. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope you guys learned a lot. Thank you for joining me tonight. I hope you guys. I hope you guys learned something. All right. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at podcasting, feel free to email James or message See what’s going on with the open bunker nights. Don’t forget to check out the the Friday night show the day the NBC guy.

1 (57m 45s):
It’s always a great show. Don’t forget to check out Saturday night show a family affair where everybody’s got a role to play. My buddy Ryan and his son calling Tuesdays with the next generation, or maybe they have switched that day, but check out the next generation. It is a killer show. It’s amazing. And don’t forget. These are the guys that I still call the new guys. The Patriot power hour on Tuesdays. Those guys are killing it, man. They are rocking it. So check it out.

1 (58m 15s):
It is a great show. And as always, don’t forget about the man himself, the living legend, our Intrepid commander, James Walton at I am Liberty Wednesday nights. Check them all out guys. You’ll be glad you did again. Thank you for being with me tonight. We’ll be here with you next week and maybe I might even have the mr. Some metal back on with me because she graduated college. So we’ll see you guys next week as our knowledge of beginning firearms ownership grows.

1 (58m 53s):
We’ll see you in the training range of the gun metal armory. Goodnight, everybody. Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time on the gunmetal armory. Thank you for listening to the prepper broadcasting network,

6 (59m 23s):
Where we promote self-reliance and independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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