March 3, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Firearm selection!
Josh “The 7P’s of Survival

Firearm 79x100It’s time to explore a topic I have only touched on a few times on the show, firearm selection. I know everyone has a passionate opinion on this topic with what they believe is the right weapon to have in any given circumstance! We explore selecting a firearm for concealed carry, home defense, hunting/predator protection, and even for a bug out bag or whatever you may call that type of kit.

Granted there will be overlap in categories but I try to limit my discussion of each particular firearm to a single section. At the onset of the show I talk about starter weapons which can function across many categories and are generally good weapons to begin your firearm journey with.

2-11 woman-gun1I try not to show favoritism for any particular brands or models (gun selection is intensity personal), but when I’ve had a good or bad experience I convey those stories (I have a few great warranty stories). Because of time available we also talk a little about training, accessories, ammo selection and whatever other questions which may arise along the way.

So what are a few of the firearms we will be discussing? 44 magnum revolver, single shot 12 guage, air rifles, 22 lr, AR platform, AK platform and much more!
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