November 30, 2022


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Combat Handguns!

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Combat Handguns!
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Combat HandgunsThere is a lot of nuance that goes in to what people consider to be a Combat Handgun. For many years, the combat handgun was a flintlock pistol, and largely remained that way until the invention of the percussion cap. The percussion cap allowed the shooter to load the barrel with the powder and shot, and then attach a percussion cap to a nipple on the firing mechanism. This not only made the firearm safer, but also allowed them to be carried in ways they hadn’t been previously. Some time after the percussion cap, the self-contained cartridge came on the scene and changed how firearms were used since.

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So, combat handguns have a long history, but all I mentioned was the flintlock pistol, what about other guns like the Colt SAA or Single Action Army revolver? What about Wild Bill Hickok and his famous engraved 1851 Navy Colts? Cap and ball revolvers came in multiple calibers, just like they do now… and they were more accurate than you might think. But, we are going to skip over a lot of the history and move in to the combat handguns of the 20th century and beyond. The combat handgun was truly recognized all along but many say it was really perfected with the invention of the semi-auto handgun. Pistols like the 1911, the Browning Hi-Power, the Mauser Broom handle, the Borchardt semi-auto, the German Luger P08, and about one million more possibilities.

Did you know that you can build your own combat handgun, at home, with an 80% 1911?

There are also some that would argue that the combat handgun came into its own when the revolver hit its zenith. Some might argue that the colt SAA or Single Action Army was more of a combat handgun than any of the semi-autos on the market. And of course, there are those that might argue that all of these handguns helped us reach where we are today, and that we have some of the best possible handguns ever made available to us in the USA…. In most states anyways. We are going to discuss combat handguns, what kinds are out there, how they’re used, why they are made the way they are made, and the calibers that combat handguns are made in… cause as we all know, size matters.

On top of the usual, we will talk about the normal Second Amendment stuff, what happened at the range last week, the Product Pick, and we will hear from the Mistress of Metal. Its gonna be a great show, so join us on the Prepper Broadcasting Network this Thursday at 6pm …only on the Gunmetal Armory.

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