June 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Friend or Foe? Keeping up your defenses.
DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

Friend or Foe?At the end of the show last week I said I had no clue what I would talk on, so I posed a question on my Facebook asking…”What should I talk on?” There were a few responses but the thing that got some great conversation going was a reply…”How to form friendships or greet people after the collapse.” Funny thing was this morphed in to a conversation about defenses.

The original topic suggestion was excellent but also the questions to it that followed raised some good points. So this week let’s talk about keeping up our defenses and vetting others after SHTF.

3-23-16 shotgun-grandpaIn keeping up our defenses we must consider not only the old stand-by…Grandpa’s shot gun behind the door but some non-lethal alternatives. Ways that we can make our location less appealing to the “would be” intruder. While not taking out potential friendlies. Many talk of the “Lone Wolf” mindset, which brings to mind images of the movie Jeremiah Johnson… but even he had a few trusted people that he would trade with and enjoy a bit of company from time to time.

3-23-16 -Spy-on-Neighbors-Step-5One thing that was brought up in the conversation is that most will likely just want what you have. So how do we keep them at bay, while still trying to move forward with some kind of civility? Community is, I think going to still be very important and in many ways crucial, so how do we decide if a person is friendly or not while not letting down the defenses too much?

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