The Bow & Survival Advantages!

Bow & Survival Advantages!
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The Bow & Survival Advantages Archery3This episode will be all about whether or not to use a bow during a survival situation. As many of you know I love archery and believe it is an effective tool to survive or even to just have backyard fun. If shtf does happen then a gun might not be the best option to keep yourself and your family fed. Bullets run out, and scare game off if you are hunting in the same area time after time. A bow is a great alternative to this, they are quiet, and unlike bullets arrows are reusable and can last a log time.

The Bow & Survival AdvantagesI will talk about the evolution of this technology we have thought was primitive but in fact has made leaps and bounds technological wise. We will go over what type you should look for, how to choose what draw length, and what broad-heads/tips you should look for. We will also look at the various materials used in making these bows, both modern and primitive. What’s the difference between modern day crossbows vs old and what roles do these tools play in modern day survival? I will talk about kinetic energy of these tools and what needs to be achieved to take animals within the US.

11-30-2015 Archery1Part of this episode will delve into the care and maintenance of these bows. What are the brands to look for and what are the one’s to stay away from? There are some cheap ones and some expensive ones and some that are in the middle; how to choose? I will go over the skills needed to shoot each type of bow and the importance of stance and consistency to be as accurate as you can. We will also look at the cost to get started and what accessories you may need to help you and recommend a few websites to get you going, as always I will take questions from the chat and live on air over the phone, so enjoy the show!

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