November 29, 2022


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You Need More OPSEC Discipline Part 3

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You Need More OPSEC Discipline Part 3
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You Need More OPSEC Discipline Part 3In this week’s show, we are continuing our series on Sight, Smell, and Sound OPSEC discipline. Last week’s show was about minimizing or reducing the light that you give off as well as your appearance to others. If you missed that show, we covered no smoking or campfires, using a Dakota Hole or rocket stove, and how to conceal flashlights by using lenses or cat-eyeing them. Then, we touched on reflective surfaces and how to conceal the lights inside your house. Finally, we talked about your appearance and how you need to look thin and gaunt as well as making your home look unappealing.

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This week, we are continuing with the appearance aspect for your home. We have already covered trash and junk being strewn around the house, but what about making the structure itself look unappealing? I will cover the use of gang signs and tagging and how you can spray paint different gang signs on your house to discourage people from checking out your home. We talk about the gang signs you will want to mimic or avoid depending on your situation. We will also cover ideas of using trash and junk furniture like a cheap chest of drawers or nightstand, yard sale clothes, luggage, and costume jewelry.

When you have to bug out or even if you are bugging in you can toss these out into the yard. Anyone passing by will see dressers, drawers, and clothing strewn in the yard and think the house has already been looted. Seeing actual furniture in the yard sends a more powerful message than just common bags of garbage. Next, we will cover using Search and Rescue signs as well as making your home look burned out.

Finally, we will be covering an article titled “Make Your Survival Shelter Invisible with These 10 Tips.”
Curious to learn more and actually hear my take on the 10 tips? Listen to this show in player above.

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