November 27, 2022


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Why Every Woman Should Definitely Own A Stun Gun

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Personal safety is a key concern for everyone, particularly for women who live and commute alone. It is always important to be aware and vigilant so that you can smell the malicious intentions of people around you. Being trained in self-defense does give you an advantage but may not always work. What if the assailant who attacks you is physically powerful? What if they have a weapon? Obviously, they will be in a position to overpower you. Carrying a weapon is surely a good idea to be extra safe. And when it comes to the best self-defense weapons for women, a stun gun is something you can trust. Here are some reasons why you should definitely own one.

Quick and effective 

The first and perhaps the most important self-defense lesson is that you need to be agile enough to take immediate action. Even a few seconds you save while counteracting an assailant can make all the difference. This is exactly what a stun gun can be helpful with. Even a half-second contact can put the attacker out of action due to extreme pain and muscle contraction. What’s more, you can expect the person to be fully immobilized as well.

Easy to use 

When it comes to the efficacy of any self-defense weapon, the ease of use matters the most. What is the utility of a weapon if you cannot even operate it comfortably in the time of distress? Stun guns get full marks in this context as well. The learning curve is extremely simple and you can operate them with little training and practice. You just buy one and learn to handle it with some practice and you are good to go!


The best way to counter an attack is by surprising the attacker, which a discreet weapon like stun gun lets you do. The stun gun range on sites like Guerrilla Defense showcases an immense variety in shapes and sizes. That is small enough to carry in your purse and simply pull it out if something unfortunate happens. The best part is that even the small ones are highly effective.

Not lethal

You would surely want to protect yourself but not kill the attacker. A weapon like a stun gun is ideal for personal safety because it only stuns the victim rather than being life-threatening. The purpose is to just disable the attacker for long enough so that you can escape or get help. Moreover, there are minimal chances that the impact of the shock will cause any long-term damage or disability to the assailant.


Another reason why every woman should own a stun gun is that she can probably afford one. Your life and personal safety are valuable and you should surely be willing to spend a little to be safe. Much cheaper than other self-defense weapons, stun guns definitely make a smart buy. What’s more, you need not spend on ammunition as they run on rechargeable batteries.

While carrying a stun gun is the smartest thing to do, you should still be watchful about the lurking dangers all the time. After all, nothing matters more than being safe and aware!


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