November 29, 2022


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The Art of Intentional Positioning

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The Art of Intentional Positioning
Finding the Purpose Before the Place and Making the Move.
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The Art of Intentional PositioningA heavy aspect of preparedness is where you are in life. Your stability – whether it be financial, physical, mental or otherwise – will have a significant impact on your kids and your family as a whole.

They say a man’s home is his castle. The “Castle Doctrine” for gun use is built around this idea. One of the main ways we can deflect the worry of outside threats is by reinforcing the outer gates. In this week’s episode, we focus on physical place as a source for stability. You can prevent outside threats in the long run by preparing your home from things like severe storms, utility dependency, and food instability.

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Join us as we speak with Ed Essex about his journey as a craftsman and the tale of his discreet castle of sorts in north central Washington State. Mr. Essex has written more than 60 articles about his self-sustainable home, business and lifestyle for Mother Earth News and built his home with the future in mind.

Be sure to catch this one if you can and join us in the chat room. We may extend this topic to a two-part series next week so be sure to stay tuned!

And don’t miss out on the Pint Sized Prepper Project of the week, where we provide a simple, yet effective way to get all the earthworms a kid (or gardener) could want!

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