August 9, 2022


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Technical Preps for the homestead!

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Technical Preps for the homestead!
Dirty Lew & Highlander “Tech Preps

Technical Preps CCTV_Digital_Video_Security_SystemThis week’s show, Highlander and I will be going over different Technical Preps for your homestead.  We will be discussing different topics on how to power your homestead (Solar, Backup Generators and/or Wind), how to keep your homestead secure (Security Systems, CCTV and/or Weaponry), how to prepare and keep food safe (root cellars/freezers), weather forecasting and many other topics.

Technical Preps InstrumentsWe will be discussing how to incorporate these technical preps in case the “SH** Hits the Fan,” or the grid goes down.  There are many different ways to keep your systems operational, we will explain different ways on how to keep your systems or preps up and running.  We will also be talking about different ways to keep an eye on the forecast if you’re in areas of severe weather.  For example, the massive rain and flooding in Texas, the Tornadoes that have been plaguing Oklahoma.  We will be discussing different weather monitoring systems and applications that you could use at home to keep a track.

So, please tune in with Highlander and myself for Tech Preps – Technical Preps for Your Homestead!
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