September 25, 2022


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Tactical TV Remotes for SHTF

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Tactical TV Remotes for SHTF
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Tactical TV Remotes for SHTFThis week we are having a little fun with surveillance cameras. Cameras are ubiquitous and most everyone carries one in their pocket. We see the traffic cameras, CCTV, and webcams and to many people, this is good news as the technology can be used to protect us or by giving us the ability to see what goes bump in the night. Webcams allow us to have a face to face conversation with friends and family. Being able to see a person and know they are OK based on their appearance can be worth the world to a parent or child. But, not all of this is rainbows and unicorns. There is a darker side to having all these cameras and it comes in the form of an invasion of privacy. Public and private cameras can be used to peer into our lives without our consent from great distances.

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In this show, we are going to talk about how CCTV and surveillance cameras react to Laser, Infra-Red, and Ultraviolet light. You might have seen the IR LEDs that you attach to a hat that makes your head a bright globe on the monitor. Unfortunately, this no longer works as most cameras and smartphones have IR filters in place that render this technique useless. In a purely hypothetical sense, we will talk about the IR LED and why they don’t work to blind a camera and what test have been done to show why IR does and does not work on certain brands and types of cameras. We will we will discuss the possibilities of using UV light to blind security cameras as UV spreads out easier, does not need a wide angle LED, and eliminates the issue that the IR led needs to be pointing directly at the camera. We will then move to lasers and how they can be used to blind or destroy security cameras. We will discuss which wavelength and power output for lasers are the best to blind a camera. Where best to point the beam and some real-life military applications…again all hypothetically.

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