December 5, 2022


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Reducing Fear by Increasing Security

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Reducing Fear by Increasing Security
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Reducing Fear by Increasing SecurityWith Halloween fast approaching, little ones are getting primed for masked adventures. This time of year was always one of my favorites growing up – being able to hide in plain sight, to blend with the crowds, to become invisible. I remember lurking around, testing my costume, pining for booty come Halloween night.

Now, as a parent, I realize how things have changed. Neighborhoods shut down. Lights out mean “move along, stranger” and entire streets opt out of the old tradition.

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Hometowns turn into ghost towns that shun the door-to-door Charlie Brown traditions. Instead, the trick-or treat tradition evolved toward mass gatherings in malls or churches or businesses that opened up for the younger kids in an effort to keep kids out of harm’s way. But I noticed that somehow this changed the fun and turned my favorite childhood tradition into a masked sales pitch from vendors.

Any more, the fun once offered by Halloween has been replaced by a dominant fear held by most parents today: security. Even as a kid, Halloween had its own level of security threats but we still set out in hopes of a good time. We faced our fears. On this episode of The Next Generation Show we are joined by Andy Murphy of The Secure Dad podcast and We discuss the importance of security during Halloween, and as an everyday mindset as parents. We’ll be going over Andy’s new podcast, his book, and some of the security tips, tricks, and life hacks he offers up to those of us out there dead-set on keeping our family safe at all times.

Also, don’t miss out on the Pint-Sized Prepper project of the week, where we turn back time to the age before Text Messages and show you a spooky way to leave secret messages behind by whipping up a batch of your own invisible ink!

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