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Technology recapped o-DIGITAL-FOOTPRINT-facebookOver the last several weeks we have went through a lot of information and rather fast so we’ve decided it might be a good idea to take a look back. In this episode of Tech Preps we’re going to do a little recapping of the things we have discussed in previous shows.

Part of this show will be a look at the importance of ham radio, privacy, online protection, old technology vs. modern, what we have discussed in the past shows about how to use ham radio in an emergency and how valuable this can be. We will look back at why everyone should get their ham license and contribute to emergencies. We will discuss the topics we brought up in previous shows about privacy and identity theft and how we need to protect ourselves and how to do so.

6-20-15 111105043930-crump-gps-privacy-story-topWe all need to be very conscious about online protection and what to look for as far as scams and viruses and other threats that may arise. We will talk about why it is important to protect online and offline privacy and how they can go together. Recapping another previous show we will touch on old versus modern technology and how some things may have helped us and how some have hurt us. About how many times technology has let us down, and how it is disposable, and how cheaply made some things are that could be better, but market green has made everything a competition and our progress has been hindered because of it.

How dependent are we on technology and could we survive a disaster where technology is not readily available? We will discuss how technology has made us antisocial and somewhat lazy and is in general causing health concerns. We will also take calls from the audience, we would be happy to take any questions from anyone who wants to ask about any aspect of technical preps.

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