Cyber Security and Privacy!

Cyber Security and Privacy!
DirtyLew & Highlander “TechPreps”

Cyber Security hackIn this week’s episode of Tech Preps, Dirty Lew and Highlander will be going over the topic of “Cyber Security and Privacy.”  As you may have seen or heard in different media outlets, different governmental or commercial agencies continuously getting hacked or their networks breached.  We will be going over different instances of these situations and ways to prevent this from occurring.

Computer Cyber SecurityThere are many instances where this happens in the home front as well with people clicking on things without knowing their true intentions.  Some examples of these are those “viral videos” that you see on social media sites on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.  Or they are hidden in downloads and/or games on Facebook as well.  There are other instances where you are being monitored without your consent which will be discussed during our show!

6-27-15 computer-securityWe will discuss how we have become a surveillance society, street cameras, cameras in business’s, cell phone video, pictures, Instagram, facebook, our lives are virtually online, and our privacy is almost nonexistent, but we will discuss what you can do that may help in these cases. We will go over what you need to know about how much information is actually being correlated by your isp, your cell phone provider, your local stores, and various other aspects of data mining. We will talk about the need for privacy in our lives and the anonymity we should all be looking for, we will also talk about identity theft and how it is done and what you need to do to protect yourself against it. We will talk about online scams and phishing phone calls that can lead to identity theft and theft of money. We will also be discussing the Patriot Act, NSA Surveillance and Edward Snowden, whistleblower that divulged information on the “PRISM” program that was being conducted.
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