January 26, 2022


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Cyber Attacks: Are we safe?

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Cyber Attacks: Are we safe? Part I – Under Attack
Dirty Lew & Highlander “Tech Preps

Cyber AttacksIn this episode of “Tech Preps,” we will be discussing Part One of a Two Part series on “Cyber Attacks.” What’s a Cyber Attack? A cyber attack is breach of network security due to a hacking, cracking or phishing attempt by an intruder. In the first part we will be discussing how a system may be broken into, what are some reasons for people breaching network security, some examples of situations that have occurred and some myths that either been debunked or disproved.

Cyber Attacks Access-Denied1Highlander and I will be also discussing different cyber attack events that have occurred in the past. Some of these include the Christmas Day attack on XBOX Live by the Lizard Squad, Sony Attacks on the PS (Playstation Network) and the movie studios (i.e. The Interview) release. We will also be discussing about some myths including that the Chinese Government has been attempting to crack the U.S. infrastructure and attacks from Russian Hackers.

Cyber AttacksThis is a two part series where we’ll also be fielding calls from you, the listeners! The next episode of our series will be on ways to prevent cyber attacks. How can you prevent having your system attacked? Establish a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) on updates and maintenance and just keep an eye out.
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