November 30, 2022


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Is The End Nigh? 5 Tips for “Doomsday-Proof” Home Security

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This is a guest post from a contributor. I hope you enjoy this information on home security. It’s a topic we don’t spend enough time on. 

Going about your life expecting the worst to happen is not a good way to live. Yet again, reacting after a disaster has struck each time is a terrible and costly way of life. Preparing for a disaster such as doomsday may sound absurd to many, but it is the prudent thing to do if you are to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones.

With life-threatening disasters such as natural calamities, homicides, robberies or even nuclear fallout lingering in the shadows, doomsday- proofing your home may not be such a bad idea. This article opens you up to tactics that you can apply to prepare for the worst possible scenarios.

Fortify your doors

Doors play the most critical role in keeping intruders outside aside from their symbolic value as entryways for your home. When a doomsday hits, you will want to have made sure that your door is tough enough to keep everything in your home safe. To make sure that you reinforce the door, there are things that you should check on;

  1. Evaluate the door material

If your door is made from low-grade material such as soft wood that is easy to break, you should think about replacing it with a more robust one. Meanwhile, doors made from steel, fiberglass or solid core wood should be reinforced to ensure that they are tough enough to withstand any attack made against it.

2.   Check on the locking mechanism

Consider the kind of locking system present and the features you can add to make it tougher for intruders to have easy access to your home.

When planning to strengthen the doors of your house for doomsday, you can start by replacing the present locking style with an ANSI grade 1 deadbolt lock. This lock can withstand up to ten strikes of 75 pounds of force. Consider having several such locks to increase security. Besides using deadbolts, you can add some reinforced wood bars or steel and rods.

This can only work when you add the pieces on either side of the door to ensure the security bar is held in place across the door.

Also, you can enhance the security of the locking mechanism of your door. Remember, during doomsday, you are trying your best to keep off forced entry from outside. You can do so by changing materials of the spring lock or placing more security pins.

Secure the Boundaries of Your Home

Securing your perimeter wall or fence is crucial for survival and helps you be aware of impending danger. There are many steps that you can apply to secure your perimeter, the first one being keeping it well lit. Security light plays a huge role in maintaining imposters away hence the importance of looking for unique home security lighting mechanisms.

Also, you should make sure your compound is well fenced or walled. Keeping in mind that you do not know when a tragedy may occur, always account for the height and the material of the fence. If the wall is easily scalable and is made from weak materials, you will not be doing yourself any good.

To make it harder for intruders you can use retrofit your walls with;

  • Barbed wire
  • Anti-climb Spikes
  • Cables

Use Strong Padlocks and Chains for Home Security

You can add strong and durable chains and padlocks to your list of home security preparations. These will make sure that your doors are even more secure. One thing to note is that on a doomsday, most people are on edge and might be pushed to grabbing and looting whatever they can.

Taking to account that you would want to stay mobile during such scenarios, a strong chain and padlock come in handy.

Invest in chains that are made of hardened steels with hexagonal links. These types are hard on bolt cutters. For locks, purchase one made of boron carbide alloy which makes it strong and durable.

Learn Sustainable Defense

It is crucial to include this in your security plan. Learn as much as possible at how you can protect yourself and tactics that will keep you alive. For instance, you can learn how to turn things that are around you into a weapon in case of a tragedy. When you know which home objects and tools can be converted to a weapon, then you will not be caught unawares, and if you are, you can manage to get out alive.

Some of the examples of improvised weapons you can use include;

  • Broken ceramics and glass
  • Rolling pin
  • Fireplace Poker
  • Baseball bat
  • An Axe

Get Yourself a Dog

Dogs are one of the best additional security measures that you should not overlook. They have a high sense of awareness and can detect an intruder from afar. Dogs increase your chances of survival and can be good combat partners.

If you have a vicious dog, then placing a sign post can easily keep people off your compound during a doomsday. In this case, good dog options include German shepherd, Rottweiler, Bullmastiff, and a Doberman Pinscher If you do not have a dog, you can still use this as a scare tactic by placing a sign written BEWARE OF A DOG on your entrance.


As weird as it sounds preparing for a catastrophe is better than not expecting it to happen. Preparations are necessary to make sure everyone is geared up for the worst-case scenario if it ever happens. Adding to the tips above, survival, home security and safety and mindset have to be part of your priority.

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