August 9, 2022


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Having Access or Escape!

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Having Access or Escape!
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Having Access or Escape!I want to look at some ideas and thoughts concerning access. Its a topic that we rarely discuss. There are a number of reasons why. The major one is because of laws. Breaking and entering is a big deal in our society, as it should be. In a true urban survival scenario most laws will be suspended.

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But access is not just bout breaking in. What about breaking out? Escaping restraints, escaping locked rooms or what if the power goes out in an elevator? Could you get out!

Access Keys

Having a pouch or small bag for access tools is crucial. If you want to exponentially build on your access preps you must get your hands on a few keys in particular. There are multi access tools on the market that allow you access to all of these things and more:

toolbox doors
electric doors
electric control cabinet
elevator, train door
water meter valve
doors and windows of public places
Mag Strip Door Locks

Many doors are controlled by magnetic strips. These strips are powered by electricity. They are incredibly cost effective and one of the best ways for businesses to secure their buildings. During a power outage the mag strips will be powered by a battery pack. This means you may not be able to seek shelter in a business location immediately after a power outage. If we experience something like an EMP those electronics will be fried and you will have access.

Lock Picks

Another tool that many people shy from are lock picks. Its assumed that these are only to be used for unscrupulous purposes. Imagine you are on the run from some bad people and you have the ability to seek shelter behind a locked door. Suddenly those lock picks don’t seem like tools of a criminal.

Understanding how locks work is a way to make your own home safer as well. Also, if you are surviving those things behind locked doors may be the things that you need most.

Personal Home Defense

One of the best ways to protect your home is to understand how it can be penetrated. Once you start thinking about access it will open your eyes to your own weak spots at home. Take the time to give your home an overview.

How are your locks working?

What doors need to be reinforced?

Where are you weakest and what will you do to fortify in times of disaster?

Smart Home Warning

If you are using or considering smart home technology, access should be on your mind. I would suggest you start spending serious time on understanding that system. Do you have an idea of how these systems will react in a disaster scenario? How secure are these systems. Access is a two way street. You aren’t the only one who is learning about access. These sytems can be hacked and when the stakes are high, walking into a smart home that you unlocked from a distance is much better than dealing with traditional locks and making a ruckus.

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