July 2, 2022


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Electronic Security in shtf.

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Electronic Security in shtf.
Highlander “Survival and Tech Preps

Electronic Security in shtfOn this episode we will get back to the technical aspects of prepping. Everything security in shtf or present day is discussed. I myself have security cameras at my home, monitoring 24/7 and recording. The need to have eyes and ears around you at all times falls within the situational awareness category of prepping.

8-22-16 alarm1I go over what all you should look for when setting up a security system, how much it would cost and how you can do it yourself for cheap. I will also talk about alarm systems, censors, and motion detectors. The need to have these tools might be your best asset when you cannot see around your property. I know with the size of my house I cannot possibly monitor it all without some cameras and motion detectors around it.

burglar-01I have an interesting story about the time I actually caught a robber on one of my cameras and how it turned out. Cameras and security systems may seem like a luxury and for some they are. We have to realize that in shtf or modern day, many break ins will happen to houses that look vulnerable. Having motion detectors and cameras on your house may just prevent such break-ins. The intimidation factor is undeniable.

8-22-16 motion1There are many forms of security for prepping, physical with weapons and fighting techniques, food reserves and water. But we often overlook a technical aspect of it, so I will also discuss how you can power your systems if you happen to lose power from utility as well as other forms that may keep your system running.

This may be a complicated show to follow because I will be talking a bit geeky, but I will try to make everyone understand about this technology and how useful it can be in our lives today and in shtf, so enjoy the show.
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