November 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

EDC, E&E, and SERE

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EDC, E&E, and SERE
Host: Dane… “The Gunmetal Armory” Audio player provided!

EDC, E&E, and SERE

Good day team gunmetal. On this episode we talk all about escape and evasion, survival evasion resistance and Escape, and everyday carry items that can help when you’re trying to escape from a dangerous situation or unlawful captivity. It’s not always the good guys who put you in handcuffs, or in any type of restraint. Depending on the type of restraint you’re dealing with, there are multiple ways to get out of each type of restraint. We’re going to go over all sorts of different types of restraints, what goes into using those restraints, and how to defeat these specific types of restraints.

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There are also plenty of different items you can carry on you, as stated previously, that can help you get out of these different types of restraints and survive while you’re running from your captor. We will be going over multiple different examples of this type of gear, and how the gear is used properly. We will also go over the companies that make this type of gear that I prefer, so you can find the specific items we are talking about… and purchase it for ypur own Gunmetal Armory. Because if you don’t own the gear then you obviously you can’t use the gear. We’re also going to go over some new everyday carry items that are available on the market that can be used as more than just one type of item. There are many examples and we will go over as many as we have the time to go over.

We will also talk about my week, Second Amendment news, the product pick of the week, and anything else relevant that happened during the week.

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