June 29, 2022


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Early Warning Alarms!

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Early Warning Alarm!
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Early Warning AlarmSmoky Mountain Moonshiners used to rely on Donkeys as an early warning alarm. They would alert when a Revenue man was sneaking up on their moonshine stills. The Donkeys big, tall ears were like super sensitive radar, able to pick out the sounds of quiet footsteps in the wooded hills. Most often, they’d bay loudly long before John Law could come near, giving the Moonshiners a chance to escape.

Now, it may not be for making homemade hooch, (or maybe so), but for some, the need for some sort of early warning detection is still pressing. While it may not be practical to stock your own donkeys, there are some technology out there that suits the bill nicely. I’ve recently did a product review of one that sure don’t eat hay. We cover some of that, but mostly we discuss some other imaginative ways anyone can have a security early warning system. That’s what’s on tap, on this episode of The APN report.
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