August 9, 2022


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Deterrent or acceptable casualty!

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Deterrent or acceptable casualty!
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Deterrent or acceptable casualtyThe importance of a deterrent goes way beyond the collapse of society. Its a concept that we all should be practicing today! No matter who you are, a physical altercation is never a good idea. There is simply too much unknown. Yet, all around you there are people who would press you into this very situation. Are you prepared to deal with them?

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How would your family fair without you around? Would life be harder or easier?

On Saturday October 21st I was at a small groups tactical movement course in Doswell Virginia. There were about 10 of us total in the class. The instructor was an incredible guy who often teaches NBC training or Nuclear, Biological and Chemical preparedness. One thing he told us crossed many planes in my mind and as I write this article about deterring attacks I think about it again.

He told us, “Never assault another group because in an assault there are acceptable causalities.”

“Who in your group is an acceptable casualty?”

With that simple question we all bristled and stated the obvious, that no one in our group or family was an acceptable casualty. Consider this when you think about how you will deal with an attacker. The very best method is put yourself in a place using distance and planning among other things to deter an attack from ever happening.

Home Security Deterrents

Visible Upgrades on Door and Window Locks

Motion Activated Lights

Security Cameras




Personal Safety Deterrents

Physical Fitness


Say Hi and Look in the Eye

Neck Tattoos

Just kidding. Hah.

These deterrents will offer you options both at your home and out in the real world. We are going to explore these deterrents as well as get the advice of some of the great listeners of the I AM Liberty Show Wednesday 9pm EST on Join the live chat or give us a call!

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