December 5, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Defending Your Home. Part 1.
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Defending Your HomeA famous line from a movie once quoted, “This is my house. I have to defend it.” Well folks, it’s time we circle the wagons and develop a battle plan for defending our home. We will learn how to play a disaster like a game of chess. I go over some ideas to help you think three moves ahead and never get checkmate in your own home.

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In this show, we will be discussing ideas to harden and defend your home or bug out location. Protecting the home is essential for people bugging in. You will have countless, un-imagined threats coming at you. This includes people who would like to steal your belongings, people who want simply to sniff around, and people who may want to cause harm to your property. There are people in this world that are evil and the only joy they get is by making other people unhappy and causing problems. It is that pure and simple.

What do we do? First: get to know your surroundings. Second: gather, document, and inventory all CURRENT food, water, resources, and supplies. Third: learn new behavioral disciplines: light, sound, smell, sanitation, and appearance. Fourth: make a habit to ensure you have the doors and windows locked at all times. Fifth: pre-emptively work on defensive structures. Something as simple as cheap video doorbell cameras can make a world of difference in your home security

Have you have enough or are you thirsty for more? Join me as I discuss Defense in Depth, the 4-Ds of perimeter security: Deter, Detect, Delay, and Defend; and other useful deterrents and practices to defend your home during a disaster.

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