May 23, 2022


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Hygiene and being resourceful!

Hygiene and being resourcefulWhen you talk about threats in a post disaster scenario it’s easy to get wrapped up in the obvious. I wouldn’t begrudge anyone for having fear of roving mobs of the desperate, life threatening conditions of the environment around us or even the very real possibility of starvation. These are threats that people in perilous situations face all over the world. We don’t see them very often close to home but when disaster strikes the threats to our well being come screaming back into reality.

For all that we prepare for there is one aspect that often gets left out or at least doesn’t get the attention it deserves. That is hygiene. If you look back in American history, you will see that during the revolution and the civil war hygiene and wound care took a healthy share of soldiers to their deaths. This may be a surprise to some. However, those microscopic germs that were just as effective as weapons of war.

Right now, hygiene is easy. We have access to clean running water and an entire industry of hygiene products. They cover shelves that aren’t allowed the thought of going bare. Just remember, after a serious disaster all of this will change. It will happen fast and you better be prepared.

I want to look at several methods, tools and products that are available now for your hygiene needs in the future.

Grow Hygiene

There are some pretty powerful herbs and plants out there that can give you a jump on hygiene when things get ugly. If you invest the time and growing space in these three options today they will pay dividends later.


This plant offers near invasive growth and is perennial which means it will show up each year. Every part of the plant can be dried ground and worked into a good lather for cleaning people and surfaces.


You can grow your own luffa sponges. We take for granted the various tools we use to clean our homes and bodies. These luffas will be great to have around for bathing and scrubbing other areas in the house. Much better than using precious storage space for access sponges.


This plant has tremendous antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which make it a no brainer for growing. Licorice root can also be dried out and used as a toothbrush. It’s a long thin root that can be dried and the end softened to be rubbed on teeth and gums daily.

Buy Hygiene

Nitrile Gloves

There will be tremendous trash and cleanup after most disasters. Work gloves and nitrile gloves will become a precious resource. The barrier between your skin and germs will be one that can keep you and your family safe. Store these gloves today while they are cheap and accessible.

Real Trash Containers

If trash services stop running managing your waste will become a tremendous job. Keeping pests away from your home and your trash will be your next challenge. Keep sturdy trash cans with tight sealing lids outside and inside your home. As trash collects around your neighborhood so too will pests. They will come inside if you give them a reason. These pests harbor bacteria and disease.


Combatone is military grade hygiene system designed for our soldiers in the field. We should always use advanced technology in our pursuit for hygiene in a post disaster world. It stores well and comes in very small and easy to use containers. The best part is it works to power your skins natural defense. It’s not a punishing chemical that kills off your precious skin fauna.

Ancient Hygiene

Ash Clay Soap

A soap was made of ash and clay in ancient Egypt to wash the body and face. They understood some of the basic effects of ash in those days. For those who don’t know, ash makes lye which is one of the basic ingredients in modern soap

Powhatan Indians

At first contact these people were washing hands before each meal. The colonists remarked on this practice. Of course, they didn’t understand bacteria or germ theory at this point and that makes this practice even more remarkable.

I leave you with the Powhatan because handwashing is the most crucial part of good hygiene do it often and keep your home and your family safe long after the SHTF!

Article by Author & Host James Walton “I Am Liberty

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