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This Tuesday: “The Ray Becker Show”  7/25/17

Ancient Coins and Currency

1st Segment:

Economic news and report on Market conditions and indices.

2nd Segment:

Discussion about ancient coins and forms of money. Ancient Israel, Greece, Rome and the other advanced civilizations. Also look at coins and forms of payment for other civilizations. From ancient currency we’ll head into the Middle Ages and cover how Empires traded with each other.

In the past, Empires would purchase goods from other Nations. The form of payment was usually in gold or silver. This currency was delivered by horse and by ship if needed. The danger was the robbers that would ambush these deliveries causing great concern to the parties involved.

Bankers were beginning to make their way into these Empires and providing a much needed Service; pay for goods without delivery of physical money. The Bankers or Money Changers would take station at each Empire and they would exchange paper between themselves in order to complete transactions. Of course, these transactions would be charged a fee or commission.

Beyond the fee’s and commissions was a great deal of influence over the Sovereign. This is the system that has produced the family’s known as Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller and several others is still in place to this day.

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Ray Becker show will be focused primarily on the economy and how we could, as a community, look for clues and sign posts that may signal when major changes are about to happen. It has been in the past and will always be my position that we are facing an Epic Global Economic Depression. We will also cover topics that delve into Preparedness such as Cash, Gold & Silver, Solar Generators, Water Filtration, Long term food storage, OPSEC or Operational Security, Emergency Communications and a number of other areas that all of us need to address.

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