August 17, 2022


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The Art of Barter!

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The Art of Barter, more than just swapping!
D.J.Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

9-9-15 Barter -for-Fun-and-Profit-Podcast-LogoBartering in some form or another has been around since the beginning of civilization.  The question is how do we do it?

According to Webster’s it is; verb:  1. exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money. “he often bartered a meal for drawings”

synonyms: trade, swap, exchange, sell  “they bartered grain for salt”

9-9-15 barterSo when we “barter” what are some things that might be important?  First and foremost might be to know the value of what you have to barter.  Keeping this in mind, bartering water in a rainforest or sand on a beach may not be good barter items.  An excellent barter item is knowledge… knowing how to do a needed skill may just set your particular skill set as a high valued commodity.

9-9-15 What is barter system what were the main difficulties of the barter systemHistorically the barter system first appears around 6000BC, but you could probably remember swapping a toy with a friend when you were little, even this in its most basic sense bartering.  I would like to talk this week about what items we might consider good barter items, skills we can barter and  the possibilities of the whole prospect of bartering

Bartering is any kind of trading without using money, so maybe even a trading post or system set in place in your community or even with neighbors or friends that would allow you to swap.

A site I thought was cool to toss out there is Barter Works ( ) check it out!!  It had lots of great ideas on the whole concept of bartering.

If you would like to teach it to your kids?  This is awesome worksheets ( )

I would love to offer more of the resources I use moving forward I hope to provide more information on here as well as my blog.
(Books on bartering)
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