February 26, 2021


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Penny Pinching Projects!

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Penny Pinching Projects for Preppers…
D.J. Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

Penny Pinching Projects for Preppers Hold PennyWell now isn’t that a tongue twister? But seriously, a great topic I think. After last week’s chat about others around us not agreeing with why we prep. It seems only fitting that we discuss some things to help us prep without breaking the bank.

There are many ways that we can increase productivity or create our own products, gadgets and doodads that will assist us in being prepared. After all, there was once a time when our grandparents did everything this way. They milked the cow then churned butter by hand with a churn they built themselves or pressed the curds into cheese on a press they built.

Penny Pinching Projects for Preppers windmillI have found a few things that I really liked from hidden storage ideas to a homemade windmill generator. Thinking about this not only can you save money on your preps by means of DIY and ingenuity but also save money on everyday things and bring that scoffer into the fold by showing them just how much it can help.

10-28-2015 doodadThere are so many things and ways that we can do things to not only aleviate the cost of preparing but also help with costs for everyday items. An example of this might be soaps (especially laundry soap), go to the grocery store and check out the price of some laundry soap… Some soap can be upwards of twenty bucks!!! When you can make laundry soap that not only costs a fraction of that for more product but it works better at cleaning the laundry! You are now the hero for saving the family roughly sixty bucks per month!!

Stop in at prepperbroadcasting.com and join us in the chat to discuss your penny pinching ideas. Call in and be part of the show!
Up Next week: What about co-op or buying clubs?
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