January 25, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Living On One Income & Thriving On A Shoestring Budget
Host: Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

Living On One Income lilsuburbanhomesteadoldhouseKaren Lynn and The Viking reminisce this week about their season of living on one income and they even have a blog post at Lil’ Suburban Homestead called “The Top 10 Rules For Living On One Income & Thriving On a Shoe String Budget”. They will be discussing their out of the box thinking, some of the Viking’s creative projects to make living in a 1906 historic home without heat and air conditioning easier. They also share some fun stories about how they failed at raising rabbits, how the Viking built a garden with reclaimed bricks from around the corner down town, and more!

Living On One IncomeThis was a time in their life of building a budget gold fish pond, the kids had tomato wars, and Karen Lynn even gleaned for sweet potatoes in the fields with the farm workers. Karen Lynn and The Viking learned with a little ingenuity, never turning down a free offer, and joining in community projects helped them and their children to have a sense of community in their small town in central North Carolina but also they created a sense of wellbeing for them and their family!

Living On One Income cherrytomatoes-300x284Dare to hang your laundry on the line.

Ask, Ask, and ask some more.

Watch for local giveaway curb alerts.

Get to know where the freebies are in your community.

Be resourceful with what you have.

Learn all this and so much more!

Karen Lynn & The Viking would like you to join them on their homestead journey and of course come back every Tuesday at 9pm est. for Karen Lynn’s Live Radio Show at the Prepper Broadcasting Network!

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