October 3, 2022


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Jones’en for a Cheap Prep!

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Jones’en for a Cheap Prep
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Jones’en for a Cheap PrepThis show Dave turns to Prepping on a tight budget. These Preps almost everyone can do and in a grid down situation could save your life. Barrowing the slogan from Ollie’s Discount Outlets Dave tell you how and where to get “good stuff cheap” for your prepper supplies. After this episode you will never look at the Dollar Store, Harbor Freight, Walmart and Family Dollar quite the same way.

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Dave also wants everyone to bring their ideas to the chat room so everyone can get great deals no matter where you find them.

Dave will also answer a listener’s question about local disasters and get home bags. What every Prepper should be thinking about if the grid down situation occurs when you are at work, at school or away from home. What families should plan on if they are all over the place and how they can get back together.

Dave will also have a great giveaway for some lucky caller so tune in and tell a friend you may both be a big winner on this show!

If you have not heard Dave’s interview with Eve Gonzales last week it is a must listen to episode! Eve and Dave talked about disasters and some of the bad things everyone needs to face in the aftermath. How to prepare your mind for the unthinkable like the loss of a loved one and the loss of everything but your life. Make sure to catch that interview because it was one of Dave’s best yet!

Eve gave everyone some terrific deals and you have until Tuesday to get the deals at Trading Post in the Woods. Dave also corrected an error in an Amazon Coupon code for Biolite Products for 15% off your entire order for the month of Feb by using NBCGUY15 at the Biolite Store on Amazon. Don’t miss this episode and the great deals on the amazing products.

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