January 29, 2022


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How to “prep” when in debt?

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How to “prep” when in debt?

debtI’ve heard the question and seen it posed on many forums; do I forgo bills in order to build my preps? Maybe pay just the minimum on my bills in order to build on my preps or do I not worry about my preps until I have my bills paid off? How about screw the bills and build my preps? These are all valid questions, none of which have a definitive answer. Everyone has their own set of circumstances that they find themselves in and must find their own balance between bills owed and money to invest in prepping.

The fact that an economic collapse could possibly be around the corner or that natural, or manmade disasters could happen at any moment, it would be nice to have the security knowing you are already prepared. The cost to get to this point of self-reliant comfort and then to maintain it can be a burden on many Preppers. At the same we have our other obligations, house payments, car, insurance, utilities, etc. and what about entertainment? As the saying goes’ all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

debtThe answer for me is quite simple and I think could work for most people. Pay your bills! Simple! Well, not that simple but paying off your bills should be at the top of your list. Pay off that car and boat or maybe sell the boat to help pay off the car. Pay down the mortgage on the house. Pay off the medical bills. Get rid of those magazine prescriptions. Spend your vacation at home with your family. Do you see where I am going with this? Wipe out your debt and all of it that you can as fast as you can. It means sacrifice but always with sacrifice comes great rewards.

While working on your debts. You may find little money to prep with. This may be true but if you can stay with your regiment it will not take long to have the extra resources available to concentrate more on your preps. Until then, if you find yourself with only twenty or even five dollars a month to buy preps with buy that bag of beans or box of powdered milk. As your debt goes down your preps will go up.

What about the risk I take of something happening before I get to my comfort zone? True, but what is life if not a risk? Rome was not built in one day. Keep on prepping.

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