May 23, 2022


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Winning the Prepper Lottery

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Winning the Prepper Lottery
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Winning the Prepper LotteryIn this show we are going to be playing a little bit of fantasy. Sometimes you need to take a break from the doom and gloom and have fun. So tonight we are not going to be teaching a skill or cool prepper tool. Tonight we are going to talk about what we would buy if we won the lottery. This can be the multi-state ones where you receive millions of dollars or just a simple $100 scratch off. What items and things would you buy? Where would you go if you had the money? Remember this not a vacation, its prepping related.

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Next we are going to give some financial tips in the event that someone does win. Everyone thinks that they have enough maturity, but in reality you need to hire an attorney to take escrow and keep everyone from bombarding you, a financial adviser to help you setup accounts and trusts to keep all your new friends and family at bay, and finally you need to hire an accountant to handle tax matters and keep the IRS and other tax collectors off your back. We will go over some common tips and tricks that other lottery winners have shared like taking your time and not taking the lump sum. You have a few months to collect the winnings so take your time. Taking all the money at once can set you up for failure by spending it all at once. By taking the scheduled payouts you have a reliable supply of money coming in and you don’t risk losing it all in a few months.

Finally we will share some of the dangers that winning a large sum of money can present. Things like having a lot of new friends and relatives come out of the wood work. Everyone wants to get in on the action and a lot of times a greedy person with malicious intent might get you in the crosshairs of a lawsuit.

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