August 10, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Being prepared when the stuff hits the fan!

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hitting-the-fanWhen the stuff hits the fan, either for the not so long term or when the end is not in sight, all the goods we have stored will eventually run out. For many, this time will come much sooner than for others who have made at least some preparations. A lot of things can simply be substituted for old world solutions. Take for example toilet paper, which when you run out, can be switched out for washable cloth wipes. However, there are a lot of things that one may run out of that simply can’t be exchanged for another solution. This is where the idea of bartering really comes into play. Sure, you could store up thousands of rolls of toilet paper, but again, it will eventually run out and leave you without your previously enjoyed bargaining power.
Enter the renewable bartering system. There are many things that others will either need for life, want to satisfy addictions, or be unable to provide for themselves. Many of these items can be grown, produced or, in the case of skills, be a never dwindling source of buying power for the well rounded prepper.
This week on The Prepared Canadian I’ll discuss what you can produce in a renewable way for bartering with others. Some can be grown, others can be produced with a little foresight in equipment, and others like skills can be learned.
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