August 10, 2022


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The W’s of Buying Silver!

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The W’s of Buying Silver!
Ray Becker “Renaissance Man” Audio in player below!

Ray, also known as Renaissance Man takes some time to discuss buying Silver. When you think of Silver, try not to think of it as money. Silver and Gold are store of value. All we’re doing is converting our fiat Federal Reserve Notes into a physical asset. Some people are able to buy large quantities of Silver and Gold. This is wealth protection or hedging against a falling Stock Market.

The majority of us may only have the means to purchase a little Silver. I never deprive somebody of means nor do I get jealous. I’m glad that they have the means and in many ways, they contribute to the overall economy. We of modest means can buy a little Silver so that we have a store of value. We’re buying it now because it is low. Buy Low, Sell High…the oldest saying in the investment realm.

The spot price today is $17.31 for 1 oz Silver. I would buy now because it will head up. We’re going to discuss the basics like Troy ounce vs traditional ounce or how many ounces are in a Troy Pound. We’ll cover bullion, silver rounds, U.S. 90% pre 1965 silver coins and we’ll touch on ¼ oz, ½ oz and 1 oz Gold Eagles. Holding precious metal is for the long term and precious metals ALWAYS HOLD VALUE. Thank you for listening and for supporting the Prepper Broadcasting Network.

Listen to this episode of Renaissance Man with Ray Becker for some valuable tips and insights on buying silver in today’s economy.
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