Winter preparedness review!

Winter preparedness review!
Host: Katzcradul

PreparednessSummer has drawn to a close and the cool days of fall are upon us. Soon the leaves on the trees will be changing to hues more appropriate for autumn. The oppressive heat of summer days has been replace by cool mornings and milder afternoons that conjure up visions of drying corn stalks, bright orange pumpkins, and cool apple cider. But before we settle in for a ‘long winter’s nap’, there’s preparations that need to be made, and work that needs to be done.

preparednessAutumn preparedness, a great time to look around and see what else needs to be done around the homestead. Are your animals adequately protected from the elements, have your rain barrels been drained, have you put a fresh layer of mulch on the garden to be decomposing all winter so as to add vitality to your plants in the spring? There’s so much to do! Let’s review what needs to be done and them make a plan to get it accomplished.

Join Katzcradul on The Homestead Honey Hour as she reviews preparedness, what we need to do to be ready for whatever winter has in store for us. Fall is the perfect time to pull your ‘get home bag’ out of the trunk of you car and replace summer supplies with those more appropriate for winter. Katz will talk about how to critically review your supplies to ensure you have everything you’ll need when the temperatures drop.
Be sure to check-out Katzcradul on her Youtube channel HERE, for great videos on preparedness and self-reliance.

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