February 26, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Will Preppers Die?

Preppers 11In the event of a major cataclysmic event Preppers will die. How many, which ones and why? This will all depend on the event, the severity of the event, and your preps. If you take a hard look at all the different scenarios that could happen, the magnitude of each, and the subsequent events that would follow each one you would need a super computer to analyze the possibilities and the correct response for each. Most Preppers have their own ideas of what is a threat for them and prepare accordingly. It is impossible to prepare for all scenarios.

For those that prepare you increase your odds but this does not guarantee survival. Location is going to be a major factor for the survival of any Prepper.  Let’s take worst case scenarios such as the eruption of a Yellowstone super volcano.  For those living far enough away to survive the initial blast, kudos to you. Now let’s say the ash cloud covers only 1/5 of the United States, all commerce will come to a grinding halt. All government help will be spread so thin you will not even notice their existence. You will be on your own to feed and care for your family.

For those that live in the large metropolitan areas, you are screwed. It will be survival of the fittest. Make no mistake, unless you are involved in a well-organized group, and even then, there will be those that will die trying to take what you have. For those that live outside the metro area your odds for survival will have increased. The further away the better as the hordes of starving people will spread in order to survive.

Duration I believe is the next deciding factor as to the odds of your survival. The scenario I suggested earlier would last months if not years. Have you enough preps to outlast the event? Will you have the skills to take care of yourself and family when you do run out or will you be joining those that have not put enough away and have not the skills to fend for themselves?

While we pray such a cataclysmic incident does not come our way we will forever be subject to different events at different levels. This is why we prepare, to increase our odds for any event no matter the severity, weather we live in the city or on top of a mountain. Yes, while afore mentioned super volcano would kill many Preppers, many more will survive because of their preps. We all hope for the best but never should we stop preparing for the worst.

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