June 20, 2021


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What’s up with Prepper Camp?

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What’s up with Prepper Camp?
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What’s up with Prepper Camp?In this show I give a recap of Prepper Camp 2017. I give a quick overview of the classes that were held and what I gained from them. We also discuss what some of the other attendees said about their experience. I walked around and talked to people about why they were there and what they hoped to learn. I asked people about what motivated them to prepare. What they liked and what they didn’t.

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One of the interesting things about this trip for me was learning firsthand about preppers with disabilities, those that were just getting into prepping, and those that were seasoned preppers that thought they had it all planned out.

Prepper Camp is help in Saluda, North Carolina every year in September. It is one of the larger gatherings of preparedness minded people in the southeast. It is held over three days and includes classes, training, and live demonstrations of solar power, aquaponics, blacksmithing, and several others.
Join us as we gain insight into why people drove from all over the southeast to attend Prepper Camp last weekend.

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