August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

What you perceive as reality may merely be an illusion.

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Reality Check600x600Remember when you believed notions like, my government has my best interest at heart, the food in my grocery store is safe to eat, what’s reported on network news is the truth, my nest-egg is secure in the bank,  the medical/pharmacological industries care about my health, or that it really mattered if you were a Republican or a Democrat? Remember when you began to get the first impressions that something wasn’t just right, that the everyday life you were living, wasn’t quite what it seemed, and that long-held truths were not true at all? You came to understand that much of what you had perceived as reality was merely an illusion.  People in the ‘preparedness community’ refer to that time as when you became “awake”.  You suddenly felt a sense of urgency, a need to search for what was true, and to prepare for the future.  You might have developed a keen desire to learn to grown and preserve your own food, to get out of debt, or homestead honey 125to become more self sustaining.  Do you still feel it?  Do you wake-up every day, eager to pursue the path of self reliance, or have you decided to nap for a spell since nothing catastrophic has happened, and it seems nothing of real significance is looming on the horizon?  Join Katzcradul on The Homestead Honey Hour as she discusses recent news that should have us all on our feet and working just as diligently as we ever did to ensure our families are prepared to face a future fraught with challenge.

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