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Walking Dead WD1Not even Robert Kirkman would guess that in ten years after the release of his graphic novel, The Walked Dead, that his creation would be such a phenomenon. After all, when he realeased it in 2003/2004 zombie fiction had a cult following. To publishers–back then–zombies were a nowhere story, been there done that, and a complete risk.

Those same publishers who dismissed zombie novels found themselves scrapping for one in
2010. At that point , the true
zombie horror writers had found a home elsewhere or successful in self publishing thanks to Kindle. We who are authoring apocalypse novels and finding some success, I believe owe it to The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead Jeremiah1Kirkman brought to light that a dead world still has living and the living face problems. Likable characters, moral dilemmas, flesh munching all mixed together to create a show that millions of people not only wait for, but fan out about.

Apocalypse Nana is one of them.

10-6-14 season-5-featWhile we wait with anticipation for the Season Five Premier, the Apocalypse Nana show is amping up for it by dedicating an entire show to Walking Dead and Walking Dead only. We will discuss the series, our love and hate for it, characters, writing, storylines of past and future and everything in between. Call in early, we start taking callers early this week, and log into chat. And we are giving away a super Walking Dead, Zombie Survival pack to one lucky winner! Check out facebook for details and for the official contest thread!

It is going to be a blast.

Walking Dead WD2We are super excited to have Ripley joining us. Ripley is from the fan site Spoil the Dead (www.spoilthedead.com) it is a fan site for AMC’s The Walking Dead. Made for fans by fans, their discussion forum is the largest community for zombie enthusiasts. Apocalypse Nana show loves that site.

Ripley grew up in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, before working around the US in the medical, legal and law enforcement professions in both public and private sectors. As a consultant, her specialty is enterprise-wide disaster recovery/infrastructure/systems creation for Fortune 500 corporations where she leads teams on multiple continents. She is known in the field for being able to bring together groups with widely opposed views and building collaboration to success.

Advocacy for the disabled, children & those living with chronic illness is a big part of my life since many are not able to speak for themselves and be heard. Music, storytelling and traditional mountain arts bring joy to life as do cats- laughing often and balancing optimism/realism are what keep me sane:)

Apocalipse Nana apocanana 500x500We asked Ripley to compare herself readiness on zombie survival to those of the characters on Walking Dead, and this is what she said, “Compared to other characters from the show, I feel better prepared than most for the Zombie Apocalypse : Growing up in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and living now in Appalachia, I love the traditional mountain values of hard, work, living in harmony with Nature, the land and with neighbors who support one another daily. People of all ages and capabilities are valued here; everyone has wisdom and skills to make Life better.

Mountain culture includes aspects of traditional prepper values too, creative thinking, emotional strength, patience, not wasting resources & challenging oneself daily to find new, better ways to meet any needs – even going back to what worked centuries ago if necessary. And always being a good steward of all resources so that all may benefit. Working hard to understand or enable collaboration amongst many people harmony to many viewpoints is a priceless skill in personal and professional living!

I grow, can & store food for example, along with water, and other resources, pared down my life to the basics and have gained knowledge from the Native American and other cultures in my area- Hershel had it right about the elderberry tea for example! I have gained medical, pharmaceutical knowledge, and have been certified in a number of medical areas. Also serve as a guardian ad litem for children and the disabled who need others to speak strongly for them.

Beyond that my life includes a network of skilled, talented people who are as happy to barter honey for stories, a cake for an oil change & who help one another without being asked and whom value the music, stories and rich history of Appalachia.

I feel better prepared than some of the characters from the show actually since I enjoy learning new skills all the time from other people and places. Every day I ask myself, “How can I improve my knowledge today- and an answer always comes- live is too short not to learn something useful and fun- and I am always a better person for what I learn!”

We plan on asking her all other sorts of questions. We are also pleased and thrilled to have author, Jeremiah Israel.

Walking Dead jeremiah2Jeremiah Israel was born and raised in Chicago. He now lives in Fort Wayne, IN with his wife and twin daughters. He has a BA in Professional Writing from Taylor University and March The Damned is his first published book. You can read his conspiracy blog on jdotis.com and follow him on Twitter @jdotis.

When we asked Jeremiah how he compares to the characters on Walking Dead as far as handling zombies, he had this to say, “I’d like to think I’d do better than the characters on TWD but I’m admittedly unprepared. I’m set as far as weapons but when the outbreak comes, I’d be severely under stocked on water and other essentials. I’d be most concerned with protecting my family and we’d have to travel to my Uncle’s safe house in the Rockies. Against zombies, that wouldn’t be too hard but a group of outlaws would be the real problem. When it comes down to it though, I’m sure I’d be able to bite out some dude’s neck that’s threatening us like Rick did in last season’s finale. Aggressors would find out real quick that they were [Explicit]ing with the wrong person.
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Don’t miss out this week, it will be a blast!!!!

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