January 23, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Veteran Dooms Day Prepper shares his real life experiences on American Preppers Radio!

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Lynna 1005-26 Capt._Bill_Repairing_an_800_pound_Transmission_in_the_wilderness_ofBaja[1]“What am I willing to do for myself, my family and others? Will I risk everything to help someone else? The 2 questions preppers often procrastinate about answering at least honestly. What’s it really like to live in a grid down situation? We read books watch movies but do we practice. Day to day life is stressful in itself but when conditions spiral out of control everything changes. Sunday Lynna is host to special guest Bill Simpson known far and wide as the Nautical Prepper. Visit Nautical Prepper: Go Here!

Join the discussion as this veteran Dooms Day Prepper shares his real life experiences and how they revealed the truth about being prepared and disaster. Tune into the live show with interaction with our guests on The Other Side of a Preppers Path, brought to you on the Prepperbroadcastingnetwork.com web site. See you there. Don’t miss your chance to talk with those that have been there and done that.

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