October 3, 2022


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Tyrone, Utopia Deserted on “They Were Preppers
Host: Doug (GoatHollow)
Tyrone  Tyrone New Mexico, referred to as the million dollar city when built in 1915. A train station designed so the trains would back into the station to avoid disturbing passengers or those in the court yard with its smoke. A modern (at the time) hospital, department store, fountains made of marble, and the courthouse/jail also state-of-the-art.

The design idea was an architectural Spanish Mission style town. This was the concept in mind when world-renowned New York architect Bertram G. Goodhue was commissioned to design and draw up plans in 1914. It is said that this decision was strongly influenced be Goodhue’s visits to Mexico earlier that year.

Tyrone  The executives in charge of the project in building Tyrone had already formed general ideas as to how the town should be laid out before Goodhue was invited to the project and about how Tyrone would be served by a new rail link to Southern Pacific’s track through southern New Mexico. Goodhue’s input, assisted in the decision that the railroad station should be one of the primary buildings surrounding the large plaza, featuring an impressive fountain and bandstand. Construction began and a very short time a legend arose.

Besides a few old photos and magazine articles the old courthouse and Catholic Church are about all that remain of old Tyrone. In six years the town of Tyrone went from boom to bust. What was once a bustling community of people with hopes and dreams becomes a Ghost Town.

On this episode of “They Were Preppers” our host Doug (GoatHollow) reads us a story written before 1969 about Tyrone. Listen in and learn what sparked the idea of creating the city of Tyrone and why this lavish New Mexico creation turned ghost town in such a short time.
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