August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The Simpsons and Fox, their take on Preppers facing the end of the world!

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Fox entertains us with their version of Preppers last night on “The Simpsons”. While their representation was not far from the version that main stream media or National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers” portrays a Prepper to be it did make this Prepper smile, even laugh. In my humble opinion they were a little closer to the mark.

imagesWhat disturbs me is the reference to Preppers preparing only for cataclysmic events such as the E.M.P.  that swept through Spring Field. This is a possibility that could face any town or even an entire portion of the United States. It has happened and will happen again. Fortunately, as in last night’s episode of The Simpsons it lasted only a few days. What if it lasted a few weeks or a few months? If it had Homer and his family probably would have been better off staying with the misfit group he belonged to.

I suppose my biggest objection was Homer’s group that he and his family fell into. While there are many groups that have come together for protection in case of a disaster whether it be an E.M.P. , major earthquake, or even a super volcano like that in Yellow Stone which is still active and waiting. They missed the real points, such as the type of people and the reasons they prepare. Preppers are everyday people made up of doctors, farmers, truck drivers, sales man, blue collar, white collar, everyday people from all walks of life not wanting to get caught with their pants down.

It’s not the end of the world scenario that drives most Preppers. Being prepared for any event as small as a broken arm during a camping trip to the unthinkable is the goal of a Prepper.  It’s simply a common sense attitude of being self-reliant and independent. Those two words, self-reliant and independence say it all. Preppers do not want to have to rely on anyone but themselves when a crisis occurs. While Preppers know that there may be help by community or even Government, Preppers know that when push comes to shove the only person you can always count on is yourself.

We have all seen the practice of Government and their slow response to disasters such as Sandy or Catrina. While the Government is not prepared they do not want you being prepared. Government wants the people to be dependent upon it giving them more control. Can you count on your own community in a major disaster? Disasters can be even larger than those that we have just recently survived. Do you think emergency response will be faster and better in the next disaster? And what if the next one is bigger? Our community, our country does not have the resources to respond efficiently to a major event. If you are not prepared you may find yourself alone and with no hope.

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