April 19, 2021


Self reliance and independence

The Premier of “Charlie in the Box Radio”

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charlieinthebox166x125This first show of Charlie In The Box is not going to be like any others that you’ve listen too. I need you to always have ready a pen and paper, the information that I will be sharing needs to be researched for yourself. I would never want you to believe me. If there is anything that you have researched on your own and you think people would benefit from knowing, this is going to be the show that the people build, that understands when you learn something the best way to get the information out is through sharing, and what that does is to start to educate our communities. Because what you learn you’ll share with loved ones, co-workers & others. Eventually, the power that the people feel the government has comes back to the people, so that we can start restoring our families, our faith, our communities and our republic.

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