August 17, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The Premier debut Aj’s Prep Talk!

1 min read

We all have to start somewhere! When did you realize that you needed to do more? What was your first step? What advise can you give to us baby preppers trying to find our way? These are just some of the questions Aj asked our very own Goat Hollow on her very exciting debut show here on the prepper broadcasting network. This mother of two is doing her all to prepare for anything that stands in the way of providing for her family. She will open the topics you want to tackle and share information from any source possible. With her spunky attitude and growing community of prepping friends, you’re sure to learn something you can take with you. A great crowd in the chat room and great callers as they welcomed Aj’s Prep Talk. Listen to this show in player below!!

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