November 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The original Prepared Canadian!

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The Canadian Preppers Network has been up and running for several years now but in the beginning it was a lonely place to visit to say the least. Lack of volunteers and members to the blog and forum made for very little content and because of this, activity from users was non existent.

My son, Tom, founder of American Preppers Network assigned me the task of building this network, providing content, and information that pertained to and appealed to our neighbors in Canada. I would try but knew my help would be little. Between working the A. P. N. State blogs, the main A.P.N. forum as well as the Prepper Broadcasting Network my time for contribution was limited. I could do little more than a rare posting of an article or a bit of news.

One day, while on the A. P. N. forum I noticed a member that happened to live in Canada. His posts, comments and contribution to the forum were everything we look for and admire in a concerned citizen and a Prepper. His name, “Denob” now known as The Prepared Canadian! Could I be so lucky?

Denob aka “The Prepared Canadian” has been a Prepper for many years. His desire to be self-reliant and independent goes far beyond his personal interest. It was quite clear in his activity on the forums that he had a great desire to help others as well as himself and his family. I approached Denob with the idea of running and working the Canadian Preppers Network and in no time we had the right man for the job. It has been just a few short years now and our neighbors in Canada now have a respectable blog with great content.

Recently Denob approached me with an idea. He previously was doing a podcast on another network but due to lack of time had to give it up. Now, time being back on his side he has started doing another podcast and it airs right here on Prepper Broadcasting. Unlike before, this podcast is pre-recorded the day before airing, on Saturdays at 6:00pm/Central.

Below is the player for the original episode of  The Prepared Canadian. Because of timing and scheduling we were unable to air this first broadcast. I hope that you will give a listen to our latest host and come back and join us in the chat room every Saturday for a visit with others while listening to Denob “The Prepared Canadian”.

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