June 20, 2021


Self reliance and independence

The New Prepper Overload
DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

Prepper OverloadIt happens… New and Old to the world of Prepping sometimes things just get overwhelming and we need to take a breather.  It is important to keep our priorities in line so that we can better plan our preparedness.

Whether we use checklists or a system of labeling.  Getting it all together can sometimes be quite overwhelming.  Especially to someone who just last week had a crisis of where to get her nails done or whether or not to buy that set or rims for the car.  To some this is the biggest planning issue, toss in a plan for TSHTF and watch them come unglued.

Prepper OverloadThere are many great lists out there and a number of them I will cover this week.  I think a good list or at least a way to track or formulate your plan for preparing your family is a good idea.  This way you can stay organized and aware of your needs and keep up with what you have accomplished.

Prepper OverloadLet’s chat about involving your family and sometimes maybe not so much?  Anyone have a significant other or family member “poo poo” their feelings of desire to be more prepared?

This is a big issue especially for those new to the world of prepping and can often carry them off track due to feelings of being “weird” or “paranoid”.

Check out the post New prepper overload on www.survivingdystopia.com  and join me in a discussion on just this subject.
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