October 16, 2021


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The Minds of Preppers, Jump Inside!

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The Minds of Preppers
Host: Dave Womack “The Gun Show”

PreppersAre you prepared?  I mean really prepared?  Most survivalists will prep for everything from economic collapse to nuclear war.  We’re all guilty of buying this new gun, that new solar oven, or this new machine gun and that underground bunker… But what about the most important prep of all?  The one you can’t buy or make?…

Your Mind

If you haven’t already heard of the game, Conflicted, then you’re seriously missing out!  The first deck was packed full of great scenarios to get your mind thinking.  We’ve been playing the game on our radio show, and even with Travis Haley from Haley Strategic Partners during the recent 2014 Survival Summit.

For less than the price of lunch, you can get this game to play with your friends – and debate what you would do in each mind warping scenario.  Do you have someone in your retreat that would rather shoot a prisoner, or torture him to get information?  What if you catch someone stealing what’s left of your dwindling food reserves?  Do you shoot them and their kids, or give them some of your food (which will guarantee you and your kids starve)?  These are scenarios that will reveal your true colors, as well as those in your retreat.

The scenarios are incredible, and I’ve had a sneak peak at some of them!  You’ll get to jump inside the minds of famous preppers like SouthernPrepper1, and many others. In fact, one of ours is even featured in the new deck.

Join us Monday on The Gun Show, where we’ll be playing out some of these scenarios, and debating what we’d do and why.  You’ll get to play with JD, one of the founders of Conflicted, as well as have the opportunity to call in and give us YOUR thoughts (anonymously, if you choose).

You and your best friend leave your families at the retreat to go investigate an early detection warning on the outskirts of your property.  You have a negligent discharge in your primary weapon system, and a .308 round goes through your friend’s head, exploding it on exit.  Do you tell your best friend’s wife and kids that you killed him, or do you create a story about getting ambushed?  Why do you choose the decision you make?

Think deeply on this.  Your decision will certainly have an immediate effect on your survivability, and/or your mental health…

The cards go on pre-order today, you can order now by going to www.ConflictedTheGame.com/ThePrepperProject, or simply tune into our show on Monday to hear us play, and decide if the game seems right for you.

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