October 16, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Legacy leave your mark400x300When we think of leaving a legacy we may or may not think of what we do every single day. Leaving a legacy begins with teaching and passing on knowledge. Helping those who are closest to us to understand, learn and execute the skills, trades, crafts and knowledge that we implement and employ every single day. Though these things may seem mundane and second nature to some of us, there are those who are searching and yearning to have a more self sufficient life. It is through our daily tasks and through our modern technology that many of us have reached out to share with the world how we achieve our own personal dreams, no matter how small they may seem to some.

Join us this Thursday night on the Homestead Honey Hour when Noreen will be your host and the topic will be Leaving a Legacy Through Learning, Doing and Sharing. Phones will be open and the conversation will be fun. Noreen is inspired to share this particular subject due to the overwhelming feedback she receives on the HHH and through her YouTube channel (Noreen’s Kitchen) as well as her website. People often share with her that they have learned so much from her video tutorials as well as those of her fellow Honey’s, Katzcradul and Michigansnowpony. It is important to pass it on. We should never let the flame of learning be extinguished because knowledge is power and sharing it can be empowering!
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