February 27, 2021


Self reliance and independence

 The Hubris of Prepping

By Chris Watson “ The Prepper’s Poitin Hour. ” on American Preppers Radio

This past Monday I was inspired to do my show on things that I have seen on forum boards with increasing frequency.  I am seeing people who call themselves preppers who display an astonishing amount of base behavior that does not lend itself well to the furthering of the movement nor to the ideas of prepping and survival.

I am seeing more and more people who display a superior tone in their online postings and want to be judgmental of others without knowing anything about them.  These are a small but vocal minority of people who seem to have insecurity and ego issues that cause them to seek out the forum boards to chest thump, bully, and berate.  These are people that, frankly, are not showing good coping skills or socialization skills and I wonder about their mental preps.

Then I see the posts from the bloodthirsty and selfish.  These are people that have the mentality that because they have secured a life raft, then others have no business on it.  How sad.  These are people who say that they will meet people coming to them for a cup of rice with a bullet.  How charitable.  Then there are those who profess a love of liberty but advocate a return to slavery, though they may euphemistically couch it in any number of ways?  Welcome to the Sudanese States of America, folks!

Finally, I talked about those preppers that seem to WANT calamities to happen.  These are people who WANT to save themselves and save the world to re-make in their own image. They want to be a messiah.  This messianic complex is understandable but disturbing, nonetheless.

The vast majority of the prepping community is not like this at all.  They are folks of varied walks of life and with many things to offer that seek to fellowship and learn with other likeminded people.  They are being tarred with the same brush as those with the superiority and messianic complexes because they do not have the heart to chide these selfish people publicly.

Being a prepper does not make one superior to others, it simply makes one better prepared! Listen to this show in player below!

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