November 26, 2022


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“The Great Pumpkin” Benefits & Uses!

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“The Great Pumpkin” Benefits  & Uses
Host: Lynna… A Preppers Path

Great PumpkinThere’s a nip in the air, leaves are falling and the Great Pumpkin soon begins its reign. Halloween looms just around the corner unceremoniously the kick off to the fall/winter holiday season. A staple of the season the pumpkin begins its seasonal reign from the Jack O’Lantern of Halloween to the coveted pie of the Thanksgiving and Christmas table.

Tune into The Other Side of a Preppers Path this Sunday Oct 27th and learn why the traditional orange orb (pumpkin) isn’t just pie anymore. A staple of the garden and holiday season the pumpkin is often overlooked as a mere decorative gourd and something to make pie out of. Living a prepared lifestyle lends itself to looking at something for its known value and then looking again for the hidden values or ability to repurpose the item.

Great Pumpkin Turtle-Pumpkin-CheesecakeThe pumpkin is the perfect example of using the prepared mindset in order to unlock the hidden treasures of a common place item. Be prepared to be amazed, guaranteed no tricks but a lot of treats as we investigate the virtue of a seasonal favorite and its many and varied uses, several which you may have never guessed. Most know the pumpkins ability to turn into a yummy delight and perhaps a magic carriage but how about the incredible medicinal and beauty talents. And there’s more.

Join in Sunday for a bit of a magical show and find out how getting to know the Great Pumpkin can turn you into Cinderella or the Prince. Not just pie anymore! And…………. Time permitting we will take a look at the power for your carriage, your automobile and winter. The pumpkins are harvested now is your car ready for the change of season? Are you? Grab some cider and pull up a comfy chair and learn to be prepared.

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