August 4, 2021


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The Debut, DJ Cooper & Surviving Dystopia!

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The Debut, DJ Cooper & Surviving Dystopia!
DJ Cooper “Surviving Distopia

The Debut, Surviving DystopiaWelcome to Debut Live Show Surviving Dystopia! On this first show it seems only fitting you meet your host, that would be me…DJ Cooper and be introduced to my world. Author of the Post Apocalyptic Novel “Dystopia: Beginning of the End” and the Surviving Dystopia Blog it seemed only fitting we call the show “Surviving Dystopia.”
During our time together this week I have a few things I would like to talk about. Beginning with…

The Debut, Surviving Dystopia overboardHas anyone seen the Comedy movie “Overboard” with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell? Well, quick…go watch it before the show this week because there will be a test. Actually no there will be no test but this movie is an excellent example of just what I mean by Dystopia. I want to talk about this movie and use it as an example this week, because it seems that so much of what is discussed when talking about preparedness and survival is so serious. I just want to show how it doesn’t need to be scary!

7-14-15 euWdgtK_Like many people these days my life is an oxymoron, while I strive for a self sufficient and organic lifestyle my job is just the opposite of this. I get to see the epitome of both sides of a coin… while by day I schedule and even drive Limousines. Ahh yes, lifestyles of the rich and famous it often appears, but by night I listen to the coyotes howling behind the house as I live quite a ways into the country. I have to make a living which keeps me in the city by day and sometimes night but I want to make a self sufficient home so I can spend less time in the city. Is anyone else on this crazy merry go round?

Just thinking about our world over the past year. We’ve had Ebola, crisis with economy, foreign issues and rioting in places.
It is amazing how quickly things spiral out of control.. this world and societies in general always seem to teeter on the next big event.
I think this week is more of an introduction than on any specific topic.
In the weeks ahead I hope to bring you guests on various topics and knowledge from the prepping world.
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