May 23, 2022


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The CONS Part 2 of Country SHTF

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The CONS Part 2 of Country SHTF
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The CONS Part 2 of Country SHTFIf you listen to the first part of show you heard about the positives of country shtf. Tonight will be all about the negatives. On this episode of Survival and Tech Preps we talk about the amount of people living in urban areas, the good points and the disadvantages. We often think that less people can be a good thing, however there are many drawbacks to this.

Hopefully I can give you some things to consider on this and maybe some valuable feedback from the audience as well. As you know you cannot cover all aspects of any topic on a show so feedback from the audience is very much wanted.

I often have great praise for those living more off the land, it certainly has its pros as I have stated, growing, practicing, hunting, fishing etc, however there are downsides to this that can be a hindrance to you and your family. I will not give too much away but I will discuss a few issues that may arise from having too much, but the question is what is too much?

Often we have more resources when it comes to having more land, why not? We have more land, more resources, and a better way to get at these resources than say if you live in an apartment or urban areas right? Well let’s not jump ahead of ourselves, I might open your eyes about this a little bit. I will also talk about a few things concerning emergency care, pros and cons of such, mostly cons in my eyes but I will talk a little about this. I will also talk about the issue that can arise with living alone or with a family out in the country and that is break-ins and people just simply wanting what you have. So enjoy the show and always ask questions!
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